Good Ideas Rain Savers (Your Choice)

Paint it blue to add instant timeywimeyness to your home and garden.

again, a deal that is not a deal. same price at sams club. $85 at walmart. i’m soooo over woot.

FYI, we bought the same one (with planter) @ SAMS and returned it after the first rain.

It filled up and then the faux panels bulged out and distorted the shape, causing the spigot to leak.

Maybe another shape, say a barrel, would be better.

Here are a few good reviews from Home Depot

These People also seemed to like it

I have both. They do what they’re supposed to: hold water. A couple of quirks on the 55-gallon granite model:

  • The spigot allows such a tiny trickle of water, it too me 45-minutes with a pump to drain it. (About 12-15 minutes on my others)
  • They’re tall, thin, and attractive. Empty. They bulge like a squatty old woman when they’re full. Very thin walls.

Bottom line - good items, reasonable price (I paid EXACT same price at Sam’s Club}.

Beware - Home Depot online has the 65 gal Urns in different colors on clearance for $81 w/free shipping to store. Woot isn’t what it used to be. Now you have to go searching to verify it’s the best deal. And if it’s a refurb item, hold your breath on the condition.


Overflow considerations. I looked at these at Home Depot, but got a 65-gallon barrel at Lowes for under $100. The one I got includes the kit to tap into the downspout. When the barrel is full, the excess flows back into the downspout again. (Ours drains away from the house, about 100 feet underground.) If you do not have a water problem, then a direct overflow from the barrel may be acceptable. So far, no problems with ours, although the lid seems a little warped. Have to avoid standing water or barrel access by mosquitoes. We have West Nile Virus (skeeter-borne) in our area.

I have the square granite model - agree, when full, it’s squatty and bulging when even half full. My spigot works better (maybe you have some plastic shavings clogging it up). Mine out of the box leaked at the seam and at the spigot but was fixable with some silicone. Has been working all summer but I would probably look for better quality next time.

Got the same 65 gal. at Sam’s for $79. What’s this $109 ripoff stuff? The lower bung/plate part that the spigot screws into quickly broke lose so I secured and sealed it with a bead of glue and 3 screws. The top channel is designed so that a lot of water runs forward and off rather than into the rear screened opening. Had to fix that with a dam of built up glue on the front. Other than those shoddy design elements it stores OK.

You’re better off buying a couple of Brute garbage cans and making your own setup.

So excited and disappointed in the same 5 minutes.

I have a single barrel of a different manufacturer for a flower garden area and it works great. I saw these come up and was thinking I could pick up 2-3 more for the other downspouts on my house. After reading the reviews of poor construction on one and significantly lower prices elsewhere on the other I am glad I read through the comments before going in for 3.

Rather disappointed in Woot these days. I used to be excited to see what item with an awesome price was available and now it just looks like amazons reject bin. Far too many items and not good enough prices. I would like the old woot back, please.

I have two rain barrels, one I got from Woot although not these models. I use them but the pressure is very low even for a trickle hose. A diverter kit will also include a spigot so you can really use any old plastic barrel and that’s what I have for the second one. I hooked them up in series using a hose splitter on each one and using one hose to connect them - had to change a male to female for that to work.

Make sure to get some mosquito dunks to solve that little problem. One dunk broken into a few pieces is pretty much good for a month or two.

This year I have the barrels on top of two rows of cinderblocks and the pressure is a bit better.

Again, the main problem I see with the barrels WOOT has to offer is they don’t connect for overflow. I have four terrific 55 gallon barrels from Rain Water Solutions that all connect through piping. Once the first if filled the water runs into the next barrel and so on. Cost? $65 each. Truly a bargain.

I also got one of the square Savannahs at Sam’s a month back ($79) just in time for the cluster of thunderstorms we’ve had this summer. We’ve had a LOT of rain, and the barrel has been filled several times over. That is kind of the problem. It has been emptying itself on its own too.
I flipped it over and there was a hairline crack along the bottom seam.
I mailed Good Idea’s Inc to ask what I could patch it with, and was asked to mail in pics of the barrel. I did and they sent me a new one that arrived a couple of days ago.
I will install the new barrel, because it looks a lot nicer than the food grade white/blue/black barrels would, but I don’t expect a long life out of it.

Are you kidding me? EXACT same ones at Sams for $30 less. Why are you trying to fail woot?

Got the square gray (ish?) one last time. It lasted one week before developing pinhole leaks across bottom. I’m not a fan.

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