Google Pixel Buds - Your Choice Color

Google Pixel Buds - Your Choice Color

I bought these Pixel Buds when they first came out, along with the Pixel 2. I have since moved on to the Pixel 4, yet I still have these and have no intention to move to the Pixel Buds 2 until their battery has sipped their last electron.

Why? I’ll tell you why!

The earbuds are connected to each other. And since all earbuds have a tendency to fall out at inopportune times, this is a great feature. The fallen earbud will simply dangle from your shoulder until you have a chance to correct the situation. Riding a bike? Jogging? Reproducing a scene from Mad Max? Guess what, you’ll never lose an earbud!

Other things to mention, the audio quality is pretty good! Not excellent, but pretty good. Surprising amount of bass, even. The little loop of wire sticking out of each earbud is adjustible helps it adjust the fit to your ear, so it sort of clips in and tends to fit pretty snug even though there’s no rubber suction. The lack of rubber in the ear does mean these are not very noise-cancelling. I find that to be preferable when bike riding or jogging, where you sometimes need to communicate with others sharing the path.

They have a good mic - I’ve attended meetings in a noisy coffeeshop (in the before-times) and no one on Zoom had complaints. You’ll sound better than most wired buds with the mic on your chest, but these aren’t high-end gaming headsets with an awesome mic, so don’t expect that.

They connect seamlessly to Android, iOS, and Windows. Sure they work best with Android (especially for Google Assistant), but on any other device they work quite well, including swiping up and down on your right earbud for volume control, or tapping to play/pause. They even maintain the paring with several devices - up to 3 for sure, possibly more.

Even at three years old, I still get about two hours on a single charge - then they charge up in their case in about 30 minutes and are ready to go again. This is perfect for my usage, but I can see how it would be limiting for some. The charging case will usually last for 3-4 charges.

Only weird thing about them is that the only way to pair them to a new device is by putting them in the charging case. That’s where the BT Discovery button is. Hold it down for about 3 seconds, and they should appear on your phone or computer. After that, they’ll reconnect to the last device you used whenever you pop them out of the case. However, Windows will sometimes steal them back from your phone. That can be a little annoying - but you just right click on the device in Windows and choose disconnect, then reconnect to them from your BT screen in Android/iOS. Note: This is not their fault, it’s Windows’ fault for being so darn greedy about BT devices.

These earbuds have served me well. And regarding the cable connecting them, it’s too bad society constantly moves toward fashion over function - see also pockets. I doubt I’ll ever find a pair of buds like these. Get 'em while you still can!


I was overjoyed to see these at such a good price, sadly for some unknown reason, even after try after try I can’t get these to pair with phone.
The phone is a Pixel 4. With both devices being from Google you might think that there would not be a problem.
If you know of any way other than just watching the blue circle spin while the phone searches for available devices ?
I would be happy to try them.

Hi there. Sorry for the problems. Here’s Google’s troubleshooting page.

Super helpful review @abnormalus that hits on all points. Thank you for taking the time! Btw, I was immediately lured in by the connecting cord, having lost myriads of single earbuds, so with you on that for sure.