Great computer geek t-shirts at


Just bout 6 shirts…

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Please, stop spamming this website address on woot. Whether within posts in other parts of the forum or here, in Everthing Else it is a clear violation of the rules:

Please take the time to read the “What is woot” (click here) (It’s a very funny read; not your standard FAQ.), at the top of the page and familiarize yourself with the rules…specifically “What is not allowed in the community?” (click here)

Also, in the News Forum, Jason Toon’s “Noise Reduction” thread (click here) will give it to you straight.

The community rules apply to ALL forums.


Gimma, it seems like he’s thwarted you by including the website in his thread title.

//passes dynamite across web to gimmaroon.


What? No fire? We were supposed to have a fire!!!


I changed the subject line, as soon as I saw the thread…Do you mean it’s still showing the real website, somewhere?


…and yeah! WTF? Get back to setting fires in the right places, ya bums.