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Oh snap! I was able to get an ICON! haha thanks woot! its the little joys in life…


Wow, the Kelty picnic packs sold out in less than 10 minutes? I hope you get more; I would have been in for two or three.


For the Rechargeable Pop-Up Lantern, how long does a full battery charge last? It might or might not make sense as a phone charger if the battery life is short.


Awesome, snagged a great deal on that tent! Online reviews from Walmart and others seem to indicate it’s a good “value tent” and at 5 lbs it’ll be just fine unless it’s raining (at which point I’ll probably head out of the wilderness anyway…).

Looks like I was the first AND last wooter on that item…guess it worked out that I didn’t buy 2 of them like I was thinking I might…


It’s hard to say exactly how long the light will last but some math can get you in the ballpark.

4.8V/1.2V=4. So I am guessing that they are using a prepackaged pack of 4 NiMH AA batteries wired in series (yes in theory they could have 8 batteries but it is unlikely for the price point)

4 AA NiMH at 2000mAh capacity = 8000mAh capacity. Of course the batteries will lose some capacity and they probably aren’t the highest quality, so to be safe, Id say 6000mAh.

This light professes 75 lumens. However, it is not a directed beam, so there could potentially be a large draw on the battery to get 75 lumens in every direction horizontally. This is where the guesswork comes in. I would guess a 1000-2000mA current to run the 14 LED’s at that level.


So I would say you would get between 3-6hrs of bright light.

As for your charging, most phones draw less than 500mA current to charge, but some tablets require 750-1000mA.


So I would expect between 6-12hrs of just charging abilities.

Obviously charging electronics while using the light would lessen the charging/run times of the lamp, but then you could use the winding handle! Hope this helps.


In for 3.

We had a week long power outage last winter.

An hand cranked light/phone charger?!?!?

One for me and my two closest friends!


Nice work. The low end would have kept me happy. But dayum, I missed the deal.


any chance there will be hydration packs next time outdoor gear comes around?


I think it really kinda sucks to be selling items available during a Woot Off that ended less than twenty four hours ago for even less than you sold them during the Woot Off…AND saying it was sold out at the time.

It’s kind of a bullshit move don’t you think?


I have items still processing on my account that sold JUST YESTERDAY for more during a supposed Woot Off…and they supposedly “sold out” . I am feeling a bit ripped off!

You won’t fool me with Woot Off’s anymore.


Lumbar pack huh? Whatever. Those things are Fanny Packs. You can’t fool me!!


NOT IMPRESSED. offering was sent in early hours of the morning and less than an hour after being sent nearly every item was sold out? seriously thinking about unsubscribing… why bother getting these emails? ? useless ads!


Some of you folks may be interested in a tiny, sad violin available over on Kids.Woot…sounds like you’ve already been over to Wine.Woot.


How about it’s insulting to anyone with half a brain to be sold an item in a “so-called Woot Off” (which I took to mean a Fire Sale)…AND tell them it sold out…only to discover the same item less than 24 hours later selling for another 20% off! That’s not whining…that’s just a fact. It’s not like even a week went by…All I am asking is for Woot to just be honest. Either Woot Offs are not a true “sale” or they lie when they say they have sold out if in fact they are selling the same item in 24 hours. Am I to believe a truck pulled up as I was purchasing my item? Honesty…that’s all I expect.



Oh see, you make the mistake of assuming that Woot has any clue what they’re going to sell the next day. I see you’re new…you’ll figure that out. They don’t really ever know what they have or don’t have…that much is apparent to those of us who’ve been around a while. So don’t feel insulted, it’s a crap shoot. You can buy something when you see it for sale or risk not getting a shot at that good deal…there’ve been a few things I bought and saw for $5 or $10 less a few days later in a Woot-Off or whatever. There have been other things too where I said “Eh…I’ll wait and get it a bit cheaper the next time it shows up” and it never popped up again.

So chill…you got a good deal on whatever you bought, and other people probably didn’t even get a shot at it.


Sorry for the problems. We try not to do that but with so many items in a Woot-off, the last minute price changes sometimes don’t get carried forward to sales that are already set up for the next day. You (and other customers) already have an email from customer service resolving this situation.


High Sierra Sports Diplomat Lumbar Pack
I have bought it,but woot told me that they would refund me ,“Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to fulfill order ****for you and are issuing a refund to your account ASAP. We are sorry we were unable to get you the item that you ordered so we’ve credited your account with a $5 coupon code as a small way of saying sorry.”

what is ASAP?


If you received the email today, then the refund was issued today as well. However, some financial institutions take 1-2 business days to credit accounts. Please check you account within the next day or so and if it hasn’t updated by then contact Woot Member Services at and let them know.