Green Mountain Variety Pack Favorites, 40 K-Cup Pods

Green Mountain Variety Pack Favorites, 40 K-Cup Pods

This was 12.99 last time; so $1 price increase per 40.

So from $0.32~ per cup to 0.35~.

Highly rated alternatives: $0.28 a cup $0.29 a cup

I personally use [San Francisco Bay] brand since they are less plastic and compostable. The k-cup is made out of plant material and is much more eco-friendly for a $0.40-$0.42 price tag.

So; if you want cheap coffee, these is cheaper. If you want a cheaper variety pack, there are cheaper variety packs, if you want better coffee and more environmentally conscious, there are better options. If you want Green Mountain cheap, then get a time machine because this was cheaper last week.


Those amazon ones in your first link are all cremated Starbucks-style. :stuck_out_tongue: Poor sad coffee never had a chance to live…

The problem with the SFBay, if they’re the ones I think they are, is while they are Very Good Coffee, they’re annoying to deal with for me, because I keep a load of various k-cups in my desk here at work and those have to be refrigerated, which would mean they’d be stolen. I did have their Sumatra (my favorite kind of coffee) once, and really, really liked it.

For about the same 41c per cup but storable without refrigeration, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, has a bunch of varieties available. They’re the ones I tend to go back to most often.

Green mountain is ok, not great but not bad. When you can get it cheap, if it’s a variety you like it’s decent, but not worth the higher price. Personally, I don’t like variety packs, because almost invariably it’s 90% ‘butt-flavored crap I’ll never be able to pawn off on someone else’ and one I like…

I can understand that. I personally just carry them in a ziplock bag. They come vacuum sealed and I usually finish a pack a week very easily. I guess I just drink a lot of coffee. I also like the metal reuable k-cups with paper filters.

Different strokes for different folks!

stop buying f&*^ing k-cups. most devolutionary product in history, an environmental disaster.

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Not to mention Green Mountain coffee is absolutely awful. So not only are you introducing more plastic into the landfill by using these things, you can’t even justify it by saying the coffee was good enough to be worth it. All that and you’re giving GM more money to continue their fight against good coffee!

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I’m not sure why you decided your taste buds speak for everyone.

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Sorry. He was appointed as speaker for all yesterday. That’s just how democracy works. If you don’t like it you can move etc

I started buying Tayst brand as the entire thing is biodegradable and they removed the plastic cup. There is a plastic ring but they made sure that was also biodegradable. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had and I get the bonus of tossing them right into the compost!

The plastic containers these tiny amounts of coffee are packaged in are not doing the earth any great favor. The pressure needs to be put on these companies to make biodegradable packets.

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Followed your link and typed coffee into the search and nothing comes up.