Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, September 16, 2005: Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


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[size=18]Thanks for joining us in the product discussion forum today - your reward for coming to the forum is a $25 coupon for tonight’s item. Be sure to enter the code “coffeebreak” when you purchase. This coupon is valid for Woot members only (both new and old Woot members).[/size]

Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):
[]IcedCorn is “a huge fan.”
]Russ_F says “You can’t beat k-cups for flavor…Unfortunately, you can’t beat it for high cost, either.”
[]jayemzee “hates it” and says “email me you can have mine for $50.”
]aduthie declares that the Keurig in his office “works like a champ.”
[*]reneegade has “one of these in the office and they make tea too.”


Whiner’s List

This list selected those posters who couldn’t spot a hot coffee maker special incentive deal if it were brewing in their laps, or not. It also selected those helpful souls who tried to teach the blind to see.

jenniebutt - 1 (once a king always a king, but once is not enough)
alexfierro - 1 (If I see one more “first page.”, “see, it’s not hard to get first page” or “woot!! 1zt p493!! LOLLZZZ!!111” post, i’ll be forced to kill someone :smiley: Go to the back of the line and wait your turn, buddy!)
gonavy - 1 (sticks with instant? military heresy!)
Kickaha Ota - 1 (“looks too sleek. It’ll clash with my messy decor”.)
bakerlaw67 - 1 (“What’s the deal for newbies?” A free Learning to Read book!)
johneverd - 1 ("Any sign of a special incentive around? " A free Learning to Read book!)
Jgreer - 1 (“i wanted somthing that fit in my pocket.” Can’t find what was before?)
gcanter - 1 ("What’s all this I hear about “special incentives” ? A free Learning to Read book!)
TranceFreak - 1 ("Still wondering what the ‘special incentive’ is… " A free Learning to Read book!)
lar1 - 1 (“special incentive?” A free Learning to Read book!)
retiredfirebug - 1 (“So what’s the deal? What am I looking for?” A free Learning to Read book!)
jswilson64 - 1 (“We just bought one of these from the mfr web site. Got 99.95, free shipping…” For $20, I could have sold you a free Learning to Read book!)
WLAURENT - 1 (“the price here is about the same as buying direct from Keurig.” Give or take 20 percent!)

whiner’s who whine about whiner’s who can’t read:
BigD - 1 ("look at the top of page one - second post in bold ". 1st explainer.)
mphdavid - 1 (“Here’s the deal on the first page!” 2nd explainer.)
wootie and the blowf - 1 ("Enter in “coffeebreak” for a $25 coupon. " 3rd explainer)
mphdavid - 1 (getting frustrated…“Here’s the deal. It’s in BOLD on the first page!”)
pooflady - 1 ("Unbelievable that people haven’t figured out the $25 off. Doesn’t anybody read? " gently chides as 4th explainer.)
mphdavid - 1 (ever patiently explaining, "It’s on the first page by Wootbot.
enter coffeebreak for $25.00 off. " He’s gonna go postal any time now, I’m thinking!)
mikemcsweeny - 1 (gently whispering to the newbies, "HEY PEOPLE!!! IT’S 80 DOLLARS!!! NOT 100!!! ")
killa62 - 1 (joining in the mass hysteria frustration: "LET ME CLARIFY!! AS LONG AS YOU READ THE FORUM AND UNDERSTAND IT, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO THE 25 DOLLAR OFF COUPON ANYONE IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE COUPON I REPEAT YOU DON"T NEED TO BE NEW TO BE ELIGIBLE Be sure to enter the code “coffeebreak” when you purchase seriously guys, learn to read ")
wootie and the blowf - 1 (stooping to facetious disinformation: “The coupon is good per order; so, order 1 separately three times. Yeah, so you have to pay fifteen dollars in shipping but you have $40 in additional net savings.”)
kfurrh1999 - 1 (wootie and the flowbish reels one in - "What if you want two? Can you use two $25.00 coupons? Please let me know? ")
Queridanegra - 1 (“I have a suggestion. . . for all those who failed to READ” Woot should charge them $25 EXTRA! Yeah, put it in my paypal!)
IcedCorn - 1 (“Sometimes seeing the discussion board makes me so damn mad I have to post. The posts that are $100 for a coffee maker, just don’t understand…” amen, brudda!)
jpk - 1 (“I’d like to see what percentage of buyers bought one not using the $25 off coupon.”)
Binaural - 1 ("Big bold letters at the top of the forum. Really! …using the coupon, which in case you missed it, is coffeebreak.
mac daddy - 1
Total - 30



special offer for people joining forum?


The best part of waking up… is wooot in your cup…



lame! one cup of coffee is not enough…


hey, I kinda like this woot


Looks interesting, but even at $75+$5 s/h it’s not a remarkable deal.

$99 is the MSRP right from Keurig.


I don’t need one, but I have a friend who’s looking for one of these…

This would be a good choice for staying up to see what Woot will appear next.
It’s a must-have for sleepless nights during woot-offs as well!

Price roundup:
$149.95 at Macy’s
$149.95 at
$245 at
$249.95 at


Woo Hoo. Count me out!@


Just what you need to stay up for the midnight woot.


This is neat.

I’ve just aquired a taste for coffee, this will be a nice addition to my desk.

Although, $100 for this?

:confused: Disappointed


Got a multi-cup maker tho.


Another coffee cup maker? The last one was pretty sweet but I guess I dont drink enough coffee to justify!


mmmm…why not 10 cups?


This is a very good woot with the $25 off (25%!!) and only $5 s/h, but just the $99.99 is NOT a good woot :stuck_out_tongue: -

Removable 48oz. Water Reservoir
Removable Drip Tray

Price: $99.95 + s/h
Model #: Elite B40
Weight: 12lb empty; 15lb full
Dimensions: 13"H 10"W 13.25"D
Power: 1500 watts
Voltage: 120VAC/60HZ
UL and c-UL approved for Household use onl


looks kind of cool to me, almost coffee season


Ha, I’ll need all the coffee I can get… Staying up 'til 1:00 AM wooting and all.

I’m considering going in for 1, and 25.00 off is sweet. I want to check to see if my local store stocks the right kind of coffee packs.

(If I see one more “first page.”, “see, it’s not hard to get first page” or “woot!! 1zt p493!! LOLLZZZ!!111” post, i’ll be forced to kill someone :smiley: )


Sweet woot Too expensive for me


UGHHH Theres one thing I hate more than a business card scanner, a COFFEE MAKER. I like how they put the specs for that thing. Should read MAKES COFFEE!!! GOODNIGHT!