Gundlach Bundschu Three-Pack



Fun place to visit. Beautiful property and cool wine caves. Now if only I could remember what I thought of their wines. :tongue:

Edit: Better call in the reinforcements for opinions. Team RPM Tour…Assemble!!!


I was talking to a friend last night that said this winery was hot. Hmmm, I might have to go on 2 or 3 of these.


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Been reading about it for what seems like forever. It finally happened.

Gun Lock Bun Shoe.

I can’t wait!


Thankfully your always the first sucker on every deal!


Finally, a winery I’ve actually heard of, and even visited! Nice people!

Yeah, the wines are pretty good. The word “boutique” comes to mind. But then, aren’t most of woot!'s wines that way?


Wow, looks like a pretty good deal. From the winery you’d pay $38+$30+$24 = $92 without shipping for these 3 bottles.


Oooooo…the Pinot Noir was one of the ones we got to try during the RPM tour. I didn’t take notes myself but hopefully my fellow tourists did. The Group Tasting card we got from the winery calls this one “classic Burgundian” in character and lists the direct sell price at $38/bottle.

Looks like I’ll be jumping in…again.

But not till later. It adds to the illusion that I’m not buying too much wine. :happy:

Edit: Here’s the full notes from the winery on that one. “Aromas of black cherry, dried rose petal and black spice lead to broad, juicy dark fruit flavors with complex minerality and classic Burgungian character. A supple mouthfeel with layered flavors, elegant texture and a long, smooth finish.” That’s pretty much standard catalog-speak so take it as you see fit.


The winery web site for your linking pleasure.



$10 says the mid week deal is a white three-pack from this winery.


Public Service Announcement: Upcoming Wine Woot Gatherings - Sunday Night New Wine post (Courtesy of cjsiege!! :slight_smile: )


We hit this winery up mid way through the second day. They had some wines we group-tasted out in the outdoor pavilion, plus a few specials they ran to fetch; we were unable to get into the tasting room itself. I ended up buying four bottles here, and they didn’t extend a discount to us.


Gundlach Bundschu Three-Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 Gundlach Bundschu 2005 Pinot Noir
1 Gundlach Bundschu 2005 Mountain Cuvée
1 Gundlach Bundschu 2005 Merlot

Links above are to CellarTracker.


Rats are needed.


Gun Lock Bundt Shoe? or Gun Lock Bun Shoe? Either way. I may have to go all in on this one.


Now I need to find my notes from their tasting … Remember they seemed overpriced, especially as no discount to us. Now, where did I leave those RPM notes …


i’d say, for $38 i’d rather go find some Burgundy for Burgundy style =P


Gonna have to wait till the rats report on this one. Like I said in my intro, my wife is a dessert wine supporter, and I dont have anyone near me that appriciates the dryer side of life. So I would end up drinkin these on my own (not like its a bad thing :slight_smile: ) But im already knee deep in merlot, so this one is gonna have to be top notch to get into my wallet.


shout out to wooters from shanghai!

question for C: this one was the wine you’ve been raving about a ton, right? should i woot in from the far east?