Pellegrini Family Vineyards Mixed Case

Pellegrini Family Vineyards Mixed Case
$129.99 + $5 shipping
2 2009 Pellegrini Family Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
2 2009 Pellegrini Family Russian River Valley Chardonnay
2 Pellegrini Family Blend NV (Non Vintage)
2 2008 Pellegrini Russian River Valley Zinfandel
2 2007 Cloverdale Ranch Merlot, Alexander Valley
2 2007 Cloverdale Ranch Cabernet, Alexander Valley
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Just about all of these selections come from an appropriately reputable AVA for the varietal! What side of Alexander Valley do the Cab and Merlot come from? Either way, I’m pretty sure '07 was killer around Sonoma too. Does anyone know much about the 2009 Pinot and Chard? This seems fairly recent and I haven’t heard any real positive or negative buzz about '09 yet.

Ahh, looks like Sonoma, nevermind part of that earlier post.


Finally a wine selection I want, and they’re not shipping to New Hampshire!! =(

i like these big mixed cases, but discount % is good to know.

anyone know the list prices?

You’re right on about the 2007 wines, it was a really solid vintage. In regards to your question about the 2009 vintage, I am pleased to say it was just about perfect! Our pinot and chards were especially concentrated that year. The bordeaux vareties were much more fruit driven than usual.

Whoo hoo! In for two!

Waitaminit… One will do fine, thank you.

I have to second that. This is a very tempting offer but without any idea on what the discount is it’s tough to pull the trigger on it.

How the heck do you get this information all formatted and out the door within one minute of the offer being posted?! Amazing! I’m impressed.

Uh… Do you want some cheese to accompany your whine?

Magic… or possibly religion. Just to hedge my bets I’m going to go out and sacrifice a goat in Cesare’s honor so that the data will keep flowing.

Hey this is Dan signing out for the night. Big bottling day tomorrow… will sign back in post coffee in the am to answer any questions you have. Happy wooting!

Actually now that you mention cheese, it has been too long since Wine.Woot has done a cheese offering.

I’m happy to wait until I have all the information but even though most of the time it’s a good discount more power to you if you want to spring on something that could be one of the rare low discount offerings that pop up.

lulz, you trollin. i dont take anything at face value in this economy. i shall have my research and educated purchasing decisions! :slight_smile:

I think Cesare must have some kind of internet time travel machine thingamagig. He travels ahead to see the Woot offer and then travels back, and… No. Wait… He travels back and then … oh it’s just too much for my simple brain.

It’s a cliche question for each offering but what’s the drinking window on each of these wines?

I second this question especially for the Blend, the Chardonnay and the Zin.

Assuming the exhaustion hasn’t gotten to me and my math still holds up there’s approximately an 8 month gap between the first and the last being bottled so I wonder how that would work in terms of overlap in the drinkability. Being able to have one bottle after another come into the window to drink would definitely be a good way to experience the whole case if it works out that way.

C’mon guys… It’s just TWO bottles of six different wines! Drink up! (It’s not as if you’re buying a couple of cases of a single varietal to put away.)