Hisense 40" 1080p LCD HDTV

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Hisense 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
$249.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This deal makes


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A lot of very large, very cheap TVs lately… I guess WOOT! is ushering in the new era of LED SmartTVs with some really good deals! I got the Sanyo 42" a couple weeks ago, and it’s great, and here’s another great deal!

This TV seems to have good reviews for the price on multiple websites!

I said when a 42" TV hits $250 I’d buy it… this is so close and so tempting…

[youtube=gG2rTPNRbbk] [/youtube]

Here is a video Review from TRYtoHELPyou on youtube.

Pretty much goes over all the features, He seems pretty happy with everything. I’ll finish listening to this and let you know any Cons he talks about.

I have the 42’’ version of this and have had it for about 6 months for use in our bedroom and it has been great- no issues at all. Purchased at Walmart and I was originally reluctant because I had never heard of the brand but they had all the TVS on display in the store of all the different brands- including the big name most popular ones- and this one simply had the best picture. It was also one of the lowest priced in comparisons but sometimes you dont get what you pay for sometimes you just pay for the name. I think I paid $425 for new with tax.

REVIEW: $350 40 inch tv from frys
Brand New was sold at fry’s on May 2011

“I won’t get this for a refurb price…” There must be a reason why the original owners of such TV gave up their units to have it as a refurb. If this was a good deal for $350 on 40" why return it to the manufacturer? I will think twice, trice… If the item was about about a year, price should be lower, if an item was a refurb more lower… I won’t be risking my money! Just saying…

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Only 2 HDMI ports? That’s not going to work. If you have a blu-ray player and satellite, there’s no room for a game system.

Edit: Turns out there are 3 HDMI ports. Still, seems like any good tv should have at least 4.

I have never heard of this brand, so I went here and found this:

Hisense is a multinational Chinese company that manufactures electronic products. Their line of HDTVs is not commonly found in the United States; their market presence is mainly throughout Asia.


Oh, wow it’s… another TV.

Woot, I am disappoint.

/but if you’re in the market for one, this is a killer deal

I just bought the 42 inch Vizo on here a few days ago for $349.99. Still happy I bought the Vizio even after looking at this.

Hey woot your link to the user manual is broken. I tried to find a fixed one, but all I could get was this Remote Manual.

[MOD: Yeah, we couldn’t get it to work so it’s been removed.]

There seemed to be a lot of people on fixya having problems with it. So I figured it might come in helpful to someone.

Very large? I won’t tell you what I’m looking at, your brain might explode.

This looks very familiar (the inputs and the remote especially). Is this one of those that gets rebranded? I thought I’d seen this as an RCA or something before.

I got a 42 inch Hisense from Costco last month and love it!! For the price it is amazing. Great picture and adequate sound. If you want a really fine Tv and don’t have unlimited funds… this is a super deal.


REALLY!!! After the wootoff we just had they have the nerve to offer another TV?!?!?

Got to sleep on it. TV if you still here at noonish when I roll out of bed, you will be mine, all mine!

. Very helpful, thanks a lot!,