Hisense 50" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

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**Item: **Hisense 50" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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5/16/2013 - $449.00 (Woot Plus)

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STAY AWAY! Two Hisense TVs in a row came dead on arrival from Woot for me.

So many mixed reviews especially from woot buyers… I really want to buy this for my dad, but I can barely afford it. Anyone care to share a more detailed review, especially previous woot buyers of this brand? I’m scared to hit the buy button.

I bought a 40" refurb Hisense LCD panel from Woot, and it came dead on arrival - it wouldn’t play any video from any input (the screen seemed to be ok, judging from the “Hisense” logo that would come up when turning it on).

I then bought a 40" refurb Hisense LED LCD from Woot, and it worked okay for 2 days, and then developed a line of dead pixels (not even sure if that’s what they were - it was a very noticeable bright green vertical line in the middle of the screen).

If you can barely afford this, I’d wait or buy something more affordable that you have a better chance of knowing will get to you safely. Knowing my experience, even if your TV comes to you ok at first, the workmanship on these seems shoddy enough that it won’t last you very long.

I bought the 40" LED LG from Woot a week or so ago (I know, I’m a glutton for punishment) and so far so good! Seems like TVs are one place to go with a name brand.

I own the 42" model from a previous woot. So far its been a great TV. I dont use it often but to watch movies with friends and occasionally playing games via xbox. I dont have any real complaints after 6 months of trouble free use. For the price it seems to be a great TV. The color, contrast and other visual aspects are on par with sets twice the price.

I think this is a closer Product Page (hisense-canada instead of au and shows a non-3D model)

where would i find package dimensions for overseas shipping purposes?

This is false advertising. Woot is saying this TV is 120Hz which it is not.

The manual clearly states that this is a 60Hz TV which is why it suffers from blurring and artifacting.

Please fix the issue WOOT and contact everyone who bought this TV being mislead by it being a 120hz TV at a sub 120hz tv price.

The title is wrong and the specs are wrong.

I bot a 47" LG tv from them 2 weeks ago and both HDMI ports were broken…had to call LG to fix…they cant come for 2 weeks…im sitting here with a broken tv…Woot merchandise is refurbished and junk…and their return policy is the worst…I will never buy electronics from them again…buyer beware!

Or perhaps you are looking at the manual for a 60hz model? What proof do we have that what you posted is actually the model that Woot is selling?

Multiple people have already stated this on the walmart website that the manual stats 60hz and not 120hz so they returned it for a refund. They pulled the manual off the website and no longer support the model on their manufacturer website and then it shows up on woot after?

You can feel free to order it and come post your picture of the manual when you get it. I am sure Woot Staff can confirm the manual in the TV box clearly states 60hz, it’s the last page of the manual.

NOTE! Anything you buy refurbished (name brand or not) your taking a chance

The video review above has a picture of the box. It says 120Hz.

I purchased a 42" Hisense TV from Woot about a year ago and it is great. It is outside in a screened in room by my pool and it always has a great picture and we have had no problems. I even like the picture BETTER than the 60 inch Panasonic Top model that i purchased in November. It has a brigtness that really works for outside viewing…

@stv6669, @markcpauley, others…

I think you folks might be mixing apples and oranges. (External Input frequency vs internal display processing.)

There are currently no mainstream external video sources at higher than 60 Hz. That is the US standard (for Europe and many other countries it is 50 Hz).

In an attempt to address the shortcomings of early LCD technology in displaying fast motion, TV’s have internal processing to simulate a faster than 60 Hz refresh display rate. They use various methods to do it like interpolating frames between the 60 Hz frames. The methods sometimes work and other times don’t.

The processing “refresh” specs have become a game. Only your eyes or those of a respected reviewer can sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Bottom line: there is no way for Woot to win on this one - the manufacturers are the ones playing games. The input specs are accurate and if the manufacturer claims “120 Hz” on the box they are referring to the internal display processing.

I have this same tv, Bought from walmart for $339 (display model)

I have hooked up a computer to the hdmi input and it does in fact display 120hz.

Please don’t slander the product if you don’t own it or know for sure

I completely agree with the last 2 comments… INPUT frequency is ALWAYS 60Hz - as is says in the specs posted, INPUT. People who don’t know the difference between input frequency and display frequency shouldn’t be posting.

Also Hisense is very much a very major brand name in most of the world, it’s just now being sold under that name in the U.S. the last year or so.

That said, there is always some risk ordering refurbished products, but Woot seems to have made big improvements after that TV fiasco last year. Personally if I could afford this right now I would buy it.