Hitachi 18-Volt 1/2” Cordless Driver Drill Bundle

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Hitachi 18-Volt 1/2" Cordless Driver Drill Bundle
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Monkey came and went, so did the bag. Why is this not over?

Nice… but I love my Ryobi…

Svelte recovery woot, I would consider buying one of these. Thank god there are no more lead spoons.

Oh boy… we can argue about battery technology once again ::slight_smile:

Love Hitachi tools. We have a cordless drill that is 11-years-old and still works perfectly. The battery still holds a long charge.

Thank god they pulled the spoons!

Son, be a dennnntist!

Um, video link contains squick in case you were confused on that point.

if I use this with the blue pill,?

the truth is… there is no spoon.

wrong monkey and the bag was crap…

How much was this when it was on Woot a couple weeks back?

not a good price but something amazing is coming up, so buy these up so we can get to it.

Now that’s would be what I were talking about, were I talking about something on woot, and not merely obsessively reloading, hoping the spoons were gone and then typing snarky comments to make the time pass.

In for one! I need a drill (one of the few things I actually don’t own, and always find myself needing one) and this is a pretty good price.

It’s $100 on Amazon:

I can’t seem to find it in the Woot history now. I swear I remember seeing it on Woot recently-ish.

Screw it. In for 1.


I know the monkey regularly goes after the bag. But then again, the bag came earlier than usual. So I’m guessing they are mixing it up today.
Too bad, 'cause of that I missed the bag.

I’ve had this drill for ~5 years now and it’s awesome. Nice and powerful, lots of torque settings. Batteries last plenty of time, and are still good since the day I bought them. Just used mine last night for a couple hours. I’m hard on this thing - I’ve dropped it dozens of times and it still works like new. It’s lighter than my other cordless drills by a smidge, but still more powerful and rugged.