Hitachi Rear Handle Chain Saw

Ahhh, so this is the Hitachi wand I’ve been hearing so much about. In for two! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I might have to get one of these, I am in the market. Got a feeling these will go quick and they’re not refurbished. Buuuut, it says it can’t be returned.

Comments from a previous sale

Anyone had some personal use from previous purchase of this particular saw on here or elsewhere.?

Have heard some horrible things about this particular saw apart from online reviews being iffy. All second or greater hand things though so people with direct use would help.

I don’t quite want to purchase a new pro Husky or stihl now. Have been looking at echo timberwolf though wonder if this might get me by.

I bought one of these the last time it was for sale. The 50 to 1 fuel mix is a bit different in that all of my other 2 cycle engines call for 40 to 1. Otherwise it run great and starts easily. Keep the chain sharp and it’ll perform well. It runs better than my craftsman ever did. The 40c.f. engine is a bit heavy but it doesn’t bog down easily.

waves fingers in front of face these arent the Hitachi you’re looking for. You can go about your business.

Bought this chainsaw from woot and it works great. Recommend it.

Thank goodness this is finally available … I have been having serious trouble keeping my fingers attached using my front-handle chain saw.

I purchased a similar Hitachi chainsaw from Woot a few years back (51cc vs 40cc). Mine still works very well. Keep the chain sharp, and drain/run the gas out before putting it away. I’ve probably put 10-20 hours on the saw every summer for 2-3 years now.

Correct, it cannot be returned to Woot due to fuel. You do have a 7-year Hitachi warranty and full access to their authorized repair centers.

Much prefer this version to the Front Handle version.

That was a real mess…

You beat me to it (it’s so much harder to type with finger stubs…)

Make sure you only use non-ethanol gas - Ethanol destroys the plastics used in some gas hoses on small engines.

I destroyed a lawnmower before learning that it was from the ethanol.

Hard to find, yes, but cheaper than buying a new chainsaw every year or two…

To all the jokesters, there is such a thing as a top handle saw, so the description is to distinguish it from that. And Hitachi makes the Tanaka brand which is known for their top handle saws. Those are used by arborists who remove limbs while in the tree. A top handle provides better balance for maneuvering. The Tanaka model of this saw gets good reviews.

Ah I’ve been wanting one of these for years… if I only had a real reason to purchase one… or any extra space in my garage.

I bought this a couple years back when it was on woot last time. Really great chainsaw. I’ve taken down a few 70 foot trees on my property. The bar was plenty long enough to make quick work. Usually starts really easily. Standard sizing so replacing the chain at Home Depot is no problem.

Top handle = good Front handle = not so much. :slight_smile:

18" Oregon bar and chain reduces kickback?

if you’re looking for a regular use chainsaw, check the 1* reviews on amazon for this item before buying.