Hoicmoic 1080P Wall Charger Spy Cam



Hoicmoic 1080P Wall Charger Spy Cam


Does this also record audio?


With 32GB built-in memory, how long before the recording starts looping on itself?


This is a super-neat idea, which is why I bought one when, for work purposes, I had to stay in a hotel in a dodgy neighborhood for 10 weeks. I wanted this on while I was out in case someone made away with my expensive mountain bike that I kept in my room.

Me, being one who lacked forethought, didn’t think about where most outlets are placed. What I got was leg-level videos of the hotel maids =\ Sure, I could have put an outlet up higher somewhere with an extension cord, but the whole point of something like this is to not call too much attention to it, right?


How much video (time) does it record before starting to record over older videos? @Fellwarre


Hey, don’t you know a new video subscription service when you have one?! Ground-level vacuuming videos!


Has anyone researched the security aspects of this item? As you doubtless know most of the inexpensive IOT devices either have no or weak security. You probably have the stories about voices from baby cams talking to the baby while parents are not in room or conversations in chinese emanating from IOT devices with speakers. Also many of the apps for these REQUIRE access to your contacts (why would this ever be needed for such a device) or files, or location (not the location of your cam, but for your phone).


This is what I would like to know.


I don’t believe this has any internet capability. Sounds like you have to connect it to a PC via a cable to see the video.


So it’s a 1080p camera in 4:3 format? 1920x1080 resolution in a 4:3 ratio? Is that right?


I don’t have this specific brand but I have a similar one. Unless you have an outlet higher up the wall all you’ll see are feet. Also leaving it in the outlet raises eyebrows in my opinion. Also easy for someone to just swipe it out of the outlet and take it with them. There are better options out there for hidden cams. I like alarm clocks for discrete video.


Does this allow the Chinese Government to spy on me?


Interesting comments re: a $25 camera w/o wi-fi connection. Paranoia re: security abounds. Most people are used to seeing USB chargers so it wouldn’t seem out of place and, if needed, it’s easy to hide extension cords if a more effective angle/view is needed. And, all concerns assume subjects will be scanning for hidden cameras, not likely. For $25, if it works well, seems like a good investment to provide incriminating videos if needed.


Does any one know how the emotion detection function can work? According to Woot, this device should have Motion detection activation.


Hmmm, since there’s no app, I kinda assumed it would be automagical.

If you don’t figure it out, holler and I’ll see if we can ask the vendor.


I would also like to know the answer to this. Mbosco, did you figure anything out?


No motion detection listed in instructions or on packaging…

Without the motion detection it’s pretty useless. Please let me know if I need to return


Hi all. I’m checking with the team on the motion detection.


HI there! Here’s the information on the motion detection:

The camera has two modes (motion detection and continuous) of recording. Basically, motion detection mode would provide more time span for recording, which is recording when there is a movement.

There is no switch hardware with the device to change between the two modes. Below is how to adjust it when connecting to computer.

  1. connect the camera to a computer using a USB cable included in the package.
  2. find the removable disc and open it.
  3. Open "TAG" file. As shown on the pictures, at the end of the file, there is a value “A1” or “B1”. A1 represents continuous recording mode and B1 represents motion detection recording mode. User can change the value and save the file to select between two modes.