Finally! The existence of Diet Cola is justified!

I love a lot of the designs but the color of the shirt puts me off sometimes. I can’t rock a red shirt.

Don’t like red…

Ments. The Frestmkr.

YES! I was so sad when this wasn’t in the top 3

Wait, wait. Ments? What? What? I think you “ment” Mentos.


And we reach the educational (+ fizzy) portion of our shirt.woot! week.

You “Guess”…Come on…Mentos and Diet Coke is the one awesome thing from when we were kids! can you not love this!

Is this extinguisher a one time use only? It doesn’t seem very practical.

This is an awesome shirt. Only if it wasn’t red in color…

Now, the important question: Is this an A, B, C, or D type fire extinguisher? I’d HATE to attempt to extinguish a small paper fire, only to find out this particular model is only good for those times your cat chews through the electrical cord of your favorite video game console.

I hate to break it to you Woot! guys, but as a type 1 diabetic and a diet-soda drinking fanatic, it is not sticky at all. Aspartame, unlike real sugar leaves no stickiness at all, so unless a few “ments” have a LOT of sugar, the mess would just be an easy-to-clean-up mess. KTHXBAI!

Hm. Not a bad shirt, but to be honest, this has been my least favorite batch of EC’s in my time on woot. To be fair, the whole field was weak for a Double-Take, and two of the best placed in the top 3. Hopefully tomorrow brings “Lightning Bolt” or “Take a Taco for a Walko” or one of the fogged CMDixon designs or something.

Nice - congrats moonboy!

The Mythbusters were right!

This fire extinguisher is a bit fizzy… if you shake it does it explode?

Cool shirt.

LMAO! +1

i tried to buy one and it says im banned? wtf?

For all those wondering, the names have been changed to protect against lawsuits.