How to get delivery instructions to drivers?

I have a conspicuous sign to leave packages at the side door, and Amazon has my delivery instructions to do this, but my WOOT deliveries are coming to the front door.

I tried clicking the WOOT support link in my email telling me about my delivery but the link is broken.I got a 404 Not Found notice.

Paging @pepper114

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Woot typically ships with UPS. I recommend signing up for an account with them. I think there’s a place where you can add instructions. You’ll get notified when a package is sent to your address.

I use the UPS app, but I’m guessing they have a regular website too.

Here’s a couple of screen shots of the app. I can set options for each package. That says it’s from Amazon, but its a Woot purchase shipped from Amazon.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


Hi there. To add on to what @pepper114 said…

If the item ships from an Amazon warehouse, it’s up to Amazon to decide how it’s shipped. They generally ship via Amazon Logistics (their own delivery), UPS, or USPS. We don’t have any say in this.

Items that ship from Woot (very few) or our vendors ship mostly via UPS.

As @pepper114 noted, that UPS account is really useful.

Sorry for the frustration but we don’t have much control over delivery services of other companies.