HP 13.3" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabook

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HP 13.3" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabook
Price: $579.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about the processor

I bought one of these last Woot for my wife.

Once you tweak the trackpad, it’s near flawless. The wireless, even the 2x2 card, sucks though. It’s the bottom-barrel Intel 7230n.

However, you can swap in the 7230AC w/ Bluetooth 4.0. Make sure you get the M.2 (NGFF) form factor, not the mPCIe. There is no lockout in the BIOS for non-HP Wifi adapters AFAIK. I got this one from Newegg and it worked perfect. Went from 150Mbps to 750Mbps.


The Sandisk SSD is also M.2 NGFF but is a 6Gbps controller that doesn’t make it any faster than a SATA SSD. However, it is a VERY good SSD. If you wanted to upgrade it, your only economical option is Crucial.

It should be pointed out that the ram is not upgradeable so better be sure you can live with 4gb of ram. The ssd should help but I don’t consider 4gb to be adequate. I would want 8gb at least and preferably 16 if they insist on soldering the memory to the motherboard.

Edit: As it currently stands these are you options for upgrading the ssd http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/internal-hard-drive/#f=9&sort=a4&S=200000,6000000

Intel core i5 lol??? Isnt that from the same year Obama became president.

Intel has used the core i branding since q3 2008. This particular part is from q3 of 2013 its less then a year old. A ford taurus form 86 isn’t the same car as a taurus from 2013.

Looking at this for my high schooler. I’m a little worried about the warranty. She’s not exactly easy on electronics. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Buy something cheap like a chrome book? Other then that the real question is how hard is she on stuff. The only moving part on this notebook is the cooling fan and its got an aluminum body. It should be pretty durable aside from obvious physical damage like a broken screen or spilling water on it which most warranties don’t cover anyway.

Edit: you could also get her a desktop that would be pretty hard to break short of knocking it off the desk. But laptops and tablets are the cool thing now I suppose.

It is a DUAL core. Not worth it. Buy a QUAD i5 or better i7. Agree with above should have 8 GB ram as well.

You won’t find a true quad core in most ultrabooks because they require too much power. The processor in this ultrabook is pretty decent. The I5-4200 has hyperthreaded cores- so it has a total of 4 logical cores (2 logical for each physical). The display is nice at full HD. The biggest problem with this device is that the RAM is soldered on to the MB and can’t be upgraded. With the video using a portion of the RAM, 8 GB should have been the default used in this device. If they would have at least used a socket (instead of soldering it), the end user could have upgraded it- but once more the logic of HP engineering stepping on their own toes.

I still prefer lenovo’s outlet to anything I’ve seen on woot lately, but this looks like the best woot deal I’ve seen since I started looking a couple weeks ago if you want something with a touchscreen and don’t care about upgrade ability.

Decent discount for the refurb, and the processor is less than a year old so it can’t have been abused very long before it was returned.

I bought my wife one of these a few months back. This is easily the best made notebook I’ve ever played with. It’s very light… It boots in just a few seconds… The touchpad works really well… The screen resolution is very good for the screen size… The battery is good for 6-8 hours of normal use… It plays strategy games live Civilization and Sims 3 just fine… Office apps fire up instantly and work great… Overall speed seems fine, but I admit I haven’t tried video editing or something highly compute intensive on it.

My only quibble is the kbd backlight is similar in color to the keys, so if you have the backlight on on a “lit” room, the letters on the keys almost disappear. The kbd lighting worls great in a semi-dark environment though.

The 90 day refurb warranty is pretty weak. The full price units come with 2 years, so at least HP believes they’re built to last. Spectre users do get routed to higher quality tech support that speak English as a 1st language too…

All in all it’s a winner… Don’t overlook that 3.34 pounds spec. This is super light compared to your normal notebook in this price range.

Why can’t I use my Amazon points?

Nice machine and good deal. I’d probably be in for one if I didn’t grab a similar refurbished/open box Zenbook (also from Woot) for around the same price.

I actually prefer 4GB in a notebook. Hibernate dumps\resumes faster and shutdowns are shorter.