HP EliteBook 840G3 14" Intel i5 Notebook

HP EliteBook 840G3 14" Intel i5 Notebook

This is actually a good price for these. They’re quick machines with plenty of HP. Lightweight, with a thinner profile. These are business class laptops so they’re also easy to work on, upgrade. Hopefully this one has 1 8GB SODIMM upgradeable to 16GB… And of course you can upgrade the SSD (With a program to clone it of course). Good deal Woot!

Interesting that this came up today, as we use these at work. I’m about to get my third replacement in two years due to hard drive or motherboard issues. Personally, I avoid HP products altogether.

I was about to pull the trigger on this, but it’s not a good deal. In fact you can get twice the SSD capacity for only $10 more on the mothership:


You can also get a refurbed G2 with almost the same specs for about $140 less: