HP 17.3” Intel Dual Core Notebook

I like intel!

The WM in the model# designates this was the Wal-Mart model.

I reckon it was the Black Friday modem and these are the leftovers. I’d never buy a laptop with 3GB RAM. Ever.

I like turtles

HP G72s get good reviews on Alatest.

Excellent reviews…at Walmart

These were $500 for a while at Best Buy last Christmas season.

Done some work on one of these for a family member. The HDMI and SD options are really nice, but the track pad gives me the heebie-jeebies. Although that probably doesn’t affect anyone with a mouse.

So just disregard most of this post I guess.

I absolutely loathe the trackpads on these things. I hate HP laptops with a burning passion.

Dual core, huh? That is SO 2007! Where’s the 6-core processor PCs now? Oh, that’s right, everywhere. Still, nice deal on a “Famous Maker” of computers.

Here’s the same thing on Newegg.com recertified and all, as well as accompanying reviews :D.


Look’s like the reviewers there can confirm that this IS the Walmart Black Friday model.


It has the screen res of a 13" laptop. Nice big pixels to look at there.


Apparently this was $398 on Black Friday at Walmart

Excellent cheap laptop for the features. Ok 90 day warranty… Expect the battery to be not so good. So ebay the model and buy a cheap replacement battery. With the price of memory being so cheap these days and this running a 64 bit OS preinstalled, 8 gigs for a few bucks will give you lots of room to multitask.

Weight: 6.60 lbs. In other words, this thing is a tank that will fit in…a really big case. Enjoy all 17 inches of that screen real estate!

Will the laptop come in actually as clean as the pictures? Without those horrid stickers, I mean.,

I !@#$ing hate those stickers on laptops and pre-built desktops.

its price is divisible by 3. awsomer than a double rainbow

I am using a very similar laptop that I got on Black Friday from Staples for $499. 4 gig ram, i5 cpu, 1600 x 900. It has been a workhorse for me. I use it a lot to convert videos from one format to another, and though it’s no Macbook Pro, it is surprisingly fast. Fairly good battery, the screen looks great, light weight, HDMI output works well. Even with the strange mouse pad, I have no complaints. I did add a 4 gig SD card, which really speeds things up.

battery life?