HP 17.3" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptops

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How slow is this thing? My dad does email and Webbrowsing on some site on the heavier side - plus doc editing and stuff. All pretty light - will this get him through for some time? Is the hdd terribly slow or acceptable?

I believe that it’s the RAM that will influence speed the most, the HDD has influence but not that a typical user will notice. With 8 MB of RAM, that’s double even triple what many laptops offer, so along with what seems to be upgraded graphics, this notebook should be more than adequate for that purpose.

Backlit keyboard?

Sorry, no. We will note it in the specs if so. :slight_smile:

Does this have a HDMI port?

On the specs tab it states that this has one HDMI port.

Clcick on the specs tab to see it does have HDMI. No Bluetooth.

I have the same basic laptop - AMD processors suck - if all the specs were the same but it was an Intel processor it would be another $150-300 more. AMD will eventually be out of business. I wish there were more competitive alternatives to Intel, besides Apple (which is an entirely different animal and not as fun as they portray if you’ve been a PC guy the past 20 years like me).

I bought 2 HP refurbs late last year for about the same price. Similar AMD quad-core CPU, but they were 15.6" with 1366x768 resolution, no touch screen and only 4GB RAM. Given the larger 17" at 1600x900, touch screen and 8GB RAM, this seems like a good deal.

No issues with the refurb laptops so far. They are not, however, speed demons. The 5400rpm HD is the choke point. Once startup is complete and apps are loaded, performance is decent.

Too much HP crapware pre-loaded, but you can wipe those off with a little effort.

No backlit keyboard; the only thing keeping me from buying one.

Is the model number listed? I’m not seeing it.

When it’s a batch of factory reconditioned laptops like this, the model numbers may vary from unit to unit. The specs will match what is posted.

I don’t get why so called “close to new” equals 90 day warranty, what a joke. Companies should stand by their products.

Thanks! I thought I missed something :slight_smile: