Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner (2 Colors)

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Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner (2 Colors)
Price: $999.99
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Shipping Estimates: Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery (Wednesday, Feb 04 to Monday, Feb 09) + transit
Condition: New


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This looks hella comfortable

Hi Folks!

Does anyone out there have one of these contraptions please? Would love to hear some comments and or reviews…

Thanks !

Amazon Reviews (only 4):

Thanks Shackrock - I should have had the intellect to figure out Amazon might have had some reviews.

Your kindness in providing the link also gave me what I needed to nix the idea of pressing the buy button, and I kind of wanted to - oh well… I am sure the recliner provides some if not most of the characteristics listed and probably the listed do the job they are supposed to fairly well or at least some of the time. The few reviews (few in nature can project negativity) and especially the one about the material peeling just turned me off. The really only good one/review the owner had not had the recliner but a few days. You would also think that with such a price point that the manufacturer would have provided a representative on the site for todays sale.

Anyway, I think I will wait…thanks for the help!


(Another listing with review).

The same seller has them listed on eBay. He says this about Softhyde;

“What is SōfHyde? SōfHyde is a luxurious and durable upholstery expertly formulated to replicate the comfort, style and “feel” of real leather. SōfHyde is designed to last for many years of use and is comfortable, soft to the touch and stain-resistant.”

It seems to me this is just as bad as bonded leather.

Here is the link for his eBay auction;

If you do not have the eBay Negs Firefox extension you can try this link to see all of the neutral and negative feedback. If the link does not work either get the extension or you will need to scroll through all of his feedback.

So then, do you mount the TV on the ceiling?