Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress



Figures. I actually bought this model a year ago, and have used it many times. Overall, I’m happy with it and haven’t had any issues. I know some people have complained about it causing you to “roll” towards the middle and experienced this the first time I used it. Since then, I make sure the outer chamber isn’t inflated as much as the inner one and that issue goes away.

Like any air bed, you really really want some type of mattress pad, etc, before you put sheets on it, since sleeping directly on it means you’ll be freezing in the morning…


I have this bed and within just a few hours of gentle use, it sprung a leak. I sure wouldn’t buy it again at any price!


I’ve never found a high quality air mattress that doesn’t spring a leak after one use. Any one have any recommendations?


I found an awesome double decker Intex at Walmart on a trip where I needed one in a hurry (only way you’ll see me in a Walmart… Lol) that I love. I have personally found that the best way is to buy the manually inflatable kind. I have bought a few with built in compressor, and the air leaks out of the seals after the first use.


The description has the care page, but here are a few more pages from the website:
Product webpage:

with troubleshooting document:

General FAQ;

$129 at walmart vs. $79.99 here with 150 mostly good reviews:

if you prefer otherwise, 601 reviews/4 stars at Amazon:

and summary of prices and other reviews collected from above and other websites at ConsumerSearch:


Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress with Pump

Oh, what the heck, here were the other reviews from consumersearch:

Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress with Pump

We purchased (on woot) the Serta queen bed with 2 seperate sleeping zones. It means you can set the firmness seperatly on each side. It is great…no leaks (used 15-20 times over the last year. Very comfortable


Wish Woot had had this deal earlier; just bought a new airbed for $40 more.


I bought mine back in April and it has survived two overweight people sleeping on it, a 50lbs dog and and 3 year old using it as a trampoline.

I bought mine from amazon for about $110…no leaks, but you do roll to the middle if you don’t air it to compensate.

I would personally purchase again.


We had this mattress for more at least three years. Bought it on Amazon. It gets used at least dozen times a year. We had no leaks so far and our guests found it comfortable for air mattress. I have, and would recommend this mattress.


I threw away my previous air mattresses after getting one of these! This is one of the best! I travel a bit and do disaster and relief work and always pack an air mattress. Sure it doesn’t leak, but don’t miss how nice the pump is. After years of trying to always keep up with a separate pump and the nozzle attachments, having everything in one case that automatically inflates to the right pressure, and then deflates it too is like living in a dream! I love these things and now have a couple of them for travel and home use when guests drop in. Plenty of uses by adults and kids, on the road and at home, and no leaks so far.


In for 2 after drunkenly diving on the aerobed I borrowed from my parents… note to self never do that again.


Seriously. I used this mattress for 6 months. Loved it. My guests have loved it. Incredibly comfortable. It ruptured internally–I could hear a seam give out on me as I sat on the edge of the mattress after several months of daily use. The company that manufactures it (Wenzel?)honored their warranty, and sent one right away.

I’m with all the positive reviewers. I don’t think you can go wrong.

ETA: The Instabed company and Wenzel are owned by the same parent company. I believe it was Wenzel who honored the warranty for me.


How tiny does it get? What are the ininflated dimensions?


If I have an inverter for my car, can I pump this up off a car battery (while the car is running)? Or will that not be enough power?

EDIT: I read on an amazon review that there is a manual pump valve, can anyone confirm this?


About the size of a full size comforter folded and rolled up when you deflate with the pump, or an old school sleeping bag. I’d say 2’x 3’, sloppily rolled. I stow it on the floor of a closet with plenty of space left.


No. There is not a manual pump valve. The dark round spot in the picture is a place to tuck the cord for the built-in pump.

I would read the product webpage links that’s posted above. I think this one is primarily for indoor use.


Thanks, I found this on the product FAQ:

“Q: Do you sell adapters to plug into a car lighter?
A: Not at this time. Check with a sporting goods store in your area.”

So that means it should still work with an inverter, good news. I’ll buy one instead of two, so worst case scenario is I use it at home


+1. I sleep on air exclusively because I don’t like a hot bed - had Woot’s $40 no-name double-decker from back around March go on me from every seam as soon as I started using it - sadly well after the warranty period.

Bought a Serta-branded unit [also Wenzel OEM] very similar to this one from another vendor; with my luck, it also sprung a leak right away due to a small defect in the vinyl, but Wenzel replaced it immediately. Now perfect with no issues, and nice to find a company that actually stands by their product.

Note that if these do spring leaks on top, the fuzzy flocking can be removed with rubbing alcohol and the scrape of a credit card to create a clear spot for the patch to adhere to. That and some “Tear-Aid” material is how I got through the night until the replacement arrived.