Is there a SEARCH function for Woot deals? and How do you set-up email notification for a particular item?


Q1: Is there a SEARCH function for Woot deals?
(Search via name /model #?)

Way to Filter by price, etc?

Q2: How do you set-up email notification for a particular item?

/Price Alert?


On the right side there is a field box to use the ‘Google Custom Search’, and it should find the item.

No way to set up email notifications.



Note I’d like to CLARIFY I’m wondering if there is a way to search for a item via main Woot /listing pages, NOT via the forums.

(When I saw the Google Custom Search box (In the forums) I thought that might be a work-around… Search results left a lot to be desired.)

Search term used in Google Custom Search box:
“Yukon Tactical Scout Sling Pack”
(Which is listed HERE:

*Also searched with less words, and included “Woot”. Adding Woot just giving a link to main Woot page (LOL)


Figured results would list the item near the top.
After enabling Googleapis scripting got 175 hits…

Haven’t seen the link for the item yet. You’d think using the exact name used in the listing & “Woot” one of the first few links shown would take you right to the product page, but it didn’t.


Yeah, we don’t have a good search function yet. It’s been on the list for a long time of things we want. :frowning:


What is the ETA on getting a proper search function added? 2020, 2025?
Seems like if it’s been on the list for a long time it’s time to put it on the priority, must do this week list.

Amazing oversight /omission.

You need to have a search function that allows a search via name, model #…

Along with a way to search via price…with the ability to sort via price.

Guess the thought process in not having a way to search is “fear of loss” and/or you hope that persons see something of interest while on the site. Thing is most people don’t have TIME to diddy around, drill down thru all the listings.

Thanks for the info.
Real life calls. Got to go!


If it’s that serious, why not just use amazon? What if the item was sold out and that’s why you can not find it? Just curious…


2 years old and no search feature! it’s annoying, every online shop with 5 items have a search feature! It would be nice to search for all “logitech” items currently on the site! so many times I give up searching and scrolling pages, search is the easiest thing possible to implement next to echo “hello world”. I’ve literally seen something I wanted, lost the tab or something, but can never find where it’s buried.

I get bad headaches scrolling pages upon pages, while becoming ever frustrated.

This site exists to offer deals aside from Amazon’s main site, but it, and you say go away. go back to amazon. it’s probably been 2 years since they started sending me woot spam, and I’ve had issues with the site all along. and I’ve wanted to complain about the lack of a search feature the entire time, it’s google that brought me here asking it how to search this damn site!

It would be interesting to understand the logic, or lack thereof for not having a search feature. the internet literally exists on searching, all the way down to the root servers searching and connecting domains to ip address!

ok… sorry for necroing this, that last post was annoying, and I’ve been asking myself why there isn’t a search feature for too long.