iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can

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iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can
Price: $59.99
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We bought this one back in January to replace the 10 year old unknown brand from Sam’s that crapped out on us.
This one has much more of a lag than our old one and you have to practically touch the sensor with your hand or the trash to have it “see” you to open the lid. It’s not BAD, but I think I was spoiled by the previous self opening can.
I think if I didn’t previously own the quicker and more sensitive model, I would be very please with this one. We are satisfied with it and it works reliably. It’s just the difference between 3G and 4G. Once you have the speedy model, it’s hard to have patience with a slower one.
If this is your first self-opening can, buy with confidence. You won’t notice the lag.

“Because the trash can turns an ordinary chore into something fun, your kids will enjoy throwing the trash away for you.”

Yeah that will last about a week, at best.

This “type” of trash can works great until the plastic gear breaks and the lid will not go up or in some cases go down. Once mine went out, it just clicked. I went back to the foot pedal version - no gears.

I don’t think it’s a great idea if you have large dogs!

It comes without the power supply? Why would they do that?

Does it still open if the batteries go dead?

It’s battery powered. The adapter is optional and costs more money - either for them or for you.

No. Doesn’t come with pedal so you have to take the top off and replace the battery. Or buy the optional AC adapter.

True, but the lid can be easily opened/closed by hand until the batteries are replaced. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and the batteries are still going strong, so I din’t know how long they actually last (YMMV).

I was reluctant at first and didn’t know what to expect, but all in all I like the thing. I just have to find where to buy the replacement filters…and yes they do help reduce the odors.

So true! We bought one years ago and had to take the battery out within 2 hours. We have 3 Huskies who are way to smart!

Or a Maine Coon. Ours has learned how to open it by standing on his rear legs. So mischievous!

Just a stainless metal can, a little shoulder piece to hold the bag up if you want to hide the fact that you use trashbags, and a wireless motion activated lid.

I like it. No more dirty lids. No weird removable bucket to deal with. No bags getting sucked in when you try to pull the trash out of the bin.

It works best with batteries, which has lasted so far 3 months without replacing them.

Power cable not included, and I wouldn’t suggest using one anyways.

Maybe you had a dud, or you use the AC adapter. Mine has been running on batteries for three months now and will sometimes open just by walking by.

I started with using a variable voltage AC adapter, and it was moody about opening when I wanted it to. It would slowly open when I hit the open button, and ignore my hand half the time.