It's about time for a change in the Time that new w00ts are released....


How about giving us Central and East coast guys a chance to get on some hot w00t deals? Everytime there’s something HOT, HOT, HOT I miss out because 60%++ are sold in the first THREE hours!

Midnight CST = 10 PM PST. Hardly fair eh? I bet if you analyse the locations in which you are shipping your products the majority would clearly be to the west coast.

We want on in on some w00ts! How about changing your times to, oh, say, 6AM CST? Or something other than midnight.




I agree, every morning when I get to work I check it out, now if I want a toaster or something not so nice I’m good but anything good and it’s sold out like 4am est


Don’t you mean toasters - plural?

Why would you need two?


I agree. A time like 6-7am EST would be good. Then the people on the west coast would have to stay up or set their alarm clocks for 3-4am.


I’d just like to see it fair for everyone…

Currently, it’s really fair for PST and MT peeps.


Personally, I’d like the climate to stay about 75 degrees fahrenheit wherever I am, unless I have a yen for more warmth or cooler temp, and for it to then follow my whim. I’d like for it to get dark when I’m tired, and the sun to rise when I’m ready to get up. Oh, and I’d prefer to remain at a physiological age of about 22 forever. Yet, that’s not how it is. and I’m not going to complain about it, 'cause no-one is going to listen. nudge, nudge.


Might as well just change the name from to, or


Darn good ideas, especially the one about not complaining because “no-one is going to listen” to you.


Yeah, how many times has this whole “unfair to east coast” thing been brought up before?
goes to see

Or thereabouts.


I agree. Or can you figure out a way to allocate so many items per timezone starting at 7:00 am - 9:00 am, then releasing them for all to buy after that time. You could base it on shipping address.


I don’t get out of bed till 9 est. Sure wouldn’t be fair to me to start it at 6.


how about you knock of the facetious comments and contribute to the solution because you’re clearly part of the problem, d0y.





You don’t seem to understand. To a very great many of us, there is no problem.


Oh, I think we need to get Dr. Sphincter and Glory Hole together just as quickly as possible.


In fact, they could just hire a shitload of elves to knock on everyone’s door once a day and ask us if we need anything.


True, people who like mornings get enough breaks in the real world!


And notify us if anything interesting is being said on the threads.


A person could just buy a cheap alarm clock and set it for the time the woot blooms. Climb out of bed- check the woot- buy or don’t buy- go back to bed. I do that when I have a yen to catch a BOC or whatever. It’s never going to be fair for everyone. So, we can deal with it creatively or whine. Whine gives me a headache, so I’d rather deal.


where do you live? the west coast? d0y