It's Skinny Pasta 12-Pack, Your Choice

It's Skinny Pasta 12-Pack, Your Choice

Saw this in the grocery store recently and thought my wife might like it as she’s a calorie counter. Smelled like fish and was super chewy. Didn’t really taste like anything but the texture was a turn off. She read that if you fry it then it wouldn’t be chewy but that didn’t work. Perhaps if it was prepared differently it could be better?

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The fish taste of these types of fake noodles isn’t really hard to get rid of, but yeah… the texture has been there for ever type I’ve tried. I’ve not tried this one but they are all made exactly the same way.
To get rid of the fish taste, you have to rinse them for a few minutes. These are the types of things where you have to follow the instructions on the back ‘to the letter’ to get rid of the smell.

Once the smell is gone, they have a chewy/snappy texture that can’t really be gotten rid of. But they also don’t have any flavor after it’s washed off, so they can pair well with other things. They are mainly to just sort of hit that “I need pasta/rice” fix once in a while.

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THESE various noodles supposedly have some grain-flour (oatmeal?) added, so they’re not the original “konjac noodle experience”. And I’ve been seeing these in very tasty variations, like Japanese Curry, etc, where there is no “fishy” taste at all…

Rinse in warm water and pat dry to minimize smell. Cook a little longer (two-three minutes in microwave) to make less chewy. Just starting to experiment with this due to low carbs. Bought two of each for $1.99 each at local grocer. Good shelf life.

I have enough disappointment in life not to risk learning what earthworms taste or smell like, unless they’re deep fried.

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I wish there was some sort of variety pack available like is described in the first paragraph of the description. I want to try this but I’m not sure I want to commit to a 12 pack of a single shape.

To me Palmini was a hit with hardcore spaghetti family but if this has a fishy ness to it I won’t try it.

I’m curious how it can have 2 grams of fiber but 0 grams of total carbs :thinking:

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To figure net carbs: total carbs - grams of fiber - sugar alcohol = net carbs.
So if there are zero carbs and you have 2 grams of fiber, then you still have zero carbs.

By the way, the flavor is pretty much neutral, not fishy. The problem lies in the weird texture. They are very rubbery and don’t break apart like flour noodles. I had to chop mine into little pieces to keep from gagging on them. Imagine a noodle that is half down your throat, but the other end is still in your mouth.

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I bought four of each for purposes of evaluation. I figured it would take some experimentation to ‘get things right’. The fettuccine was my first experiment. Like others, I found the pasta to have an unwelcome smell and texture when prepared according to the instructions on the bag. I found the texture similar to a steamed clam – kind of chewy. When I reheated leftovers, the texture was better. Rinsing the fettuccine in hot water, draining it, microwaving for three minutes, then repeating the process yields a much better outcome.

With Spaghetti, Angel Hair, and ‘Rice’ are fine with just one cycle through the ‘process’. We like the Angel Hair and Spaghetti and will continue to use it. The Rice just seems like short pasta to me. I still have three packages to improve the outcome. We have decided the fettuccine is not something we want to eat.

One thing I suggest (actually my youngest suggested it) is to mix the pasta with the sauce and cook a little bit with the sauce before serving. This really eliminates any kind of smell or taste. If you pour sauce over this pasta the pasta not covered in sauce tastes like nothing at best.

So, I recommend Spaghetti and Angel Hair if you cook and rinse well and mix with the sauce.