It's Skinny Pasta Variety 12-Pack

It's Skinny Pasta Variety 12-Pack

Wish I could choose which variety I would get. I prefer angel hair, but not most of the other ones.

have you tasted these? what is their mouth feel/texture, etc. do you like konjac noodles?

I was very recently diagnosed as a diabetic. Carbs must be counted and watched carefully so most pastas are a no no. Many big box stores have konjac noodles so I have tried them they have more of a crunch to them but taste wise they where pretty good. I have two packages in my fridge right now one for a stir fry the other for a beef and noodle dish. As I have found a brand we like and these are just a couple bucks cheaper will give them a pass.

I’ve had konjac noodles - different brand, that came prepared in sauce. I’d eat them in a pinch but I thought texture wise they were too soft. The taste was neutral.
I see them as an alternative depending on ones health needs but they wouldn’t be my first choice.

I bought this brand on another sale here at Woot. Had to return them. When I opened one package there were no “noodles”, only dissolved mush, and they smelled like old clam sauce. Every package was that way. Simply gross.

I got these (fettuccini) the last time around. Coming from someone who frequently tries different konjac noodles, I think this brand is awesome. I think it’s closer to real pasta than most others I’ve tried. Yes, they all smell like fish, you have to rinse them thoroughly; that’s to be said for any konjac product.

With that said, I am buying this variety pack.


These have a terrible texture. Unless you enjoy feeling like you are eating soft cartilage.

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Can anybody compare to Tofu noodles for taste & texture :thinking:

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