It's Skinny Pasta 12-Pack, Your Choice

It's Skinny Pasta 12-Pack, Your Choice

Anyone ever try this stuff? I’m doing weight watchers and I see that it’s zero points! The question I have is: What is the texture like? I’m dying for pasta. :disappointed: But I’ve lost 9 lbs! :slight_smile:

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I eat a ton of Konjac pasta, not this brand tho. They are rubbery and fishy smelling a bit, so they take getting used to. I got used to them but you might want to buy them in your local market first - they are usually with all the ‘cold’ vegetarian stuff in the store like veggie hot dogs. :slight_smile:

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looks nice

If you rinse them and toss them in a warm skillet before serving, it almost completely removes the fishy smell. It’s only an odor, and they do not taste like fish and will take the flavor of whatever you put on them. The texture is another thing. It’s a little like chewing jellyfish strips, or boiled rubber bands. If you’re used to eating diet foods… this will be another one of them. Kind of like vegan stuff… it’s never exactly what it’s trying to be… but you’ll eat it because you’re so hungry.


I agree with the “try one before you buy” idea. That’s a lot to have if you don’t care for it.

In my experience it depends on the brand. Some are worse than others (fish smell), and some styles (rice, spaghetti etc) have different textures as well. I’ve never had these, so I can’t specifically comment.

That said, in general I like the rice and angel hair styles. They will never be a suitable replacement for the real thing, but they are something you can eat a fair amount of, with little net carbs. If you are eating these for weight loss I would just advise, watch what sauce you put them in. It’s like how someone can take a bed of lettuce and dump dressing all over it, adding much more carbs and fat (and salt) to it than they’d expect.

If the fish smell or texture bother you, depending on what sauce you use, try zoodles instead (with some shredded carrots for texture). Or mix all three together.


I’ve had this, but different brand. Fish smell disappears, just rinse it (a lot) and then fry it in a dry pan for 5 minutes, before doing anything else with it. It’s made from a root. Texture is a little rubbery, but better than no pasta at all. Has no taste whatsoever. Great for low-carb and keto diets.

Yeah, I vote for the boiled rubber bands. I thought these were very difficult to eat because when you chew regular pasta it breaks up into little bits but these don’t and when you swallow, one end goes down your throat while the other end is still in your mouth. That made me gag.

While they have no carbs and they (kind of) take on the flavor of what they are cooking in, it’s a hard trade off for the unpleasant eating experience.

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I have had a different brand, and after rinsing thoroughly, and warming up in a pan, there was nothing off-putting about it.
The texture was a little crunchy / chewy.

I did have someone share some spaghetti with me that they made using this exact brand, and I really couldn’t tell the difference between this and “real”, slightly al-dente, spaghetti.