JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Grade A Refurbished)

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Grade A Refurbished)

:man_shrugging: first order from woot. Not impressed. Free shipping because im an amazon prime member woopty doo i wouldve rather paid for faster shipping, probably wouldnt help though since took over a week to ship it.

Anyone else remember ordering things from catalogs and waiting 6-8 weeks for delivery? Anyone?

Oh gosh, yes. What’s become of us.

I think I was in second or third grade when Ren & Stimpy was popular. Kraft cheese snacks had a promo where if you sent in 30 of those plastic sticks from the cheese and cracker packs + shipping and handling they’d send you a free backpack.

Why? Why the sticks? Those were in kid’s mouths.

I still have that backpack.

Son had The Fox & the Hound movie and a stuffed Copper. There was a promotion where you could send for a free Todd. For 8 weeks, we heard,

Mommy, where’s Todd?

Daddy, where’s Todd?

Where’s Todd?

I thought I was gonna die. We still joke about it when something takes a long time.

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Yes! Omg when you’re a kid you remember everything.

Now I can’t remember what I ordered last week.

I do miss that anticipation a little bit. But since the pandemic I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for not going to big box stores.

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Omg we used to send in upcs and box tops for everything - we had the entire Flintstone collection of cups

Does anyone remember when some of the jelly jars had cartoon characters on them so you could use them as a glass later?

How about when they had to buy actual prizes with their winnings on Wheel of Fortune and they had to spend until they had less then $100 left "I can't go home without the pig." Wheel 1987.m4v - YouTube

Pop Trivia: in 2008 a woman won $1,030,340 on WoF


We got bowls with cereal characters on the bottom on them (on the inside).

They’re still used, though they’ve had crack lines for a LONG time.

They look like this eBay listing photo:


There were 4 in total, yet the one which got the most fights was the Tony the Tiger bowl.

Here’s the complete collection:


YES!! They now have them free in the store that you can get when you buy X boxes of brand Y cereal. At 50, I buy them all and donate the cereal