Jeep 3-Pc Hardside Luggage Set - 3 Colors

**Item: **Jeep 3-Pc Hardside Luggage Set - 3 Colors
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern on the cases!!!

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) on the 24" case over at

Wow. What incredibly bad timing. My hubby needs better luggage, but he’s out of town for the weekend. Can’t grab them for him because I just spent all my money on a different gift for him. sigh

I hope these will come around again. He’s a big fan of Jeep stuff.

Good Review on the 20" on Amazon

Does anyone know if these can store inside each other? I don’t have a lot of extra room for storage… but desperately need new luggage!!

We have the 28 and 24 in bags. They are great and can really take a beating.

  1. Which of these are small enough to clear security and carry on the plane for stowing in the bins above the seats?

  2. Anyone have any experience with these bags re: wheels and handle durability and operability?

(My lugguage guru is away in Canada for the weekend. Yes, I actually know a luggage and packing guru…blog and books and everything, and he’s also the go-to-guy for the network morning shows on luggage and packing when they periodically run out of other travel topics to cover. And he does it as a hobby!! But takes his evaluations very seriously and they come across as highly scientific.)

The tire track pattern cracks me up! Been looking for some new luggage–ours has been tossed around the luggage chute too many times. I’ve heard the spinners don’t last well in airline use–wheels pop off, etc. Any word on these, or is this just the way the spinners are?

Perhaps I missed something, but how much does of each of these suitcases weigh?

Same question as the last - I have looked everywhere for the weight of the bags. Anyone able to find it?

I chatted with who carry all these bags and they said they do nest for storage and the weight specs listed are: 28" = 10 lbs, 3 oz.; 24" = 3 lbs, 9 oz.; and 20" = 3 lbs., 1 oz.

Over at Amazon the 28" is 10.2 pounds.

Does anyone know if these are the super-rigid hardside cases or the more flexible “hybrid” style?

I saw these at TJ Max the other day. I’d call them more hybrid flexible.

Buyers beware: I did a vast internet search for a quality check on these cases, Wal-Fart sells a different model, same namebrand and it has gotten mixed reviews. The wheels on these look beefier as well, double wheeled as opposed to these single wheel spinners… I think I’d still prefer the ol’ fashion two-wheel pullers…


Is this a sign? I moved to my summer job this morning and both of my wheeled pull-suitcases were broken by the time I got here. Will need at least two new ones before I can move out. Providence, speak to me, I beseech you!

Spinners are inherently weaker than the recessed, in-line (skateboard-type) two wheel system, especially if the two-wheeler has a solid side-to-side axle. The larger skateboard wheel/tire is generally much tougher, too. The two-wheeler is also easier to repair if you DO happen to damage one…you can carry a spare, and do it yourself.

I really don’t understand the popularity of the spinners, especially for any serious traveler. They’re a bit easier to poke along with your foot on a smooth surface in a ticket line, but far less capable over any uneven surface, like stairs or cobblestones, which can also destroy them.

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