Jepson Winery Mendocino Mix


im not that impressed hey woot, more reds!


Interesting offering, can anyone speak to the quality of the winery?


More reds would be great…


What happened to having Arizona as a ship to state?


i second that request…


I have to say, I would kill to order this set of wines! But alas, New Jersey isn’t on the list… :-/ one less custom because of legislature. <Sigh> Maybe next week.


Same thing happened with Jersey… Different wineries deliver to different states. Every week it COULD be different. I really wanted this… Maybe I can have it shipped to my uncle in Kingston.


I’m gonna take a chance on this quartet… I dont know much about this winery but for the price… who cares?!? I’m a red fan and my girlfriends a white fan… we can both be happy with this woot :slight_smile:


Total comes to $58 before shipping on the winery’s website.


winery’s site:

A nice assortment, excellent woot value, as always.


forgot we had a one hour time difference. was goign to buy 3 orders of the famiglia and while i was checking out. it switched…never had that happen. guess you snooze, you lose, oh well.

this winery doesn’t have much on them. there is one county type review that went though the mendocino area(?) and they seemed to do decently on the whites and reds. 8.0-8.5 out of 10.



I am a member of their wine club. Jepson makes great wine. Get this woot and then go and order their brandy – it is excellent


Screw it. Everything else has been up to par so I grabbed two of these.


Oooh, they’re so shiny. In for one, why not?!


I’m in for 2, looks like a great deal, as all the wine woots are, hope to get my first wine today at the office from a previous wine woot.

Has anyone heard if will ever have a Woot Off? Now that would be FUN, if only they do it when my credit card balance is low.


Some of the wine from wine.woot made it to the last (regular) woot-off on… in particular I remember seeing the Abandon quartet in the woot-off…


more reds please !!!


Yeah, I also double-dipped the MacRostie Syrah on the last woot-off. Mmmmm, syrah.


And colorful. I’m in for one too!