jewelry woot?

what’s the site? I remember seeing it a couple weeks back, and ca’t find it. or maybe it was a rip off of woot, but for jewelry only?

No, I know what you’re talking about…Click here


Bad zilla. Evil, evil zilla.

you are the man

Haha, thanks.


thanks guys, this was helpful

Yep, my sarcasm detection meter still works. :slight_smile:

Please ignore the boys. They need to learn to play nice.

If you were lurking we were talking about I just got my first order. The picture looked much better. Still, it was what it said it was. You only pay $6 for shipping and handling, and it seems to be real silver. On the whole, not great but not really bad. I’ll try once more.
It was mentioned as a place to get something for kids and teens for Christmas, when the real gift is cash.

Go for earings.

We are harmless, I assure you.

we are??!!


Thats what we want them to think!


999,740 to go…

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