JLab Headphones

JLab made some of crappiest headphones I ever bought. Had the J4Ms ($40) which were supposedly rugged. Sound of the cord disturbed my music and got caught on everything. One earpiece stopped working after a couple months. Returned them for warranty replacement and after weeks of no word from them I called and learned they supposedly hadn’t received them even though the tracking info said they had. Due to it being their own fault, they sent replacements anyway but those disappeared in the mail, so they sent another pair but this one had an audibly broken in-line microphone right out of the box. Sent those back and finally got another working pair, until it stopped working again a couple months later. After paying to ship them back twice and going months without headphones, I gave up. This was several years ago. Hopefully the quality and service has improved, but I doubt it since they’re still banking on people buying them because they’re cheap and look ok. Sorry to rain on the woot but people ought to know.

I bought two of the model with the inline mic/remote last time these were on Woot about a month ago and I’ve been very happy with them. Sound seems pretty decent, although I don’t consider myself an audiophile by any means. I like how the flat ribbon cable keeps the cord from tangling. The mic/remote allows me to answer the phone while I’m listening to music, and the people on the other end of the call seem to hear me clearly. I wish the remote had volume controls on it, though. I ended up giving one set to my daughter since she lost her Apple ones, and I’m glad to see this deal come up again ‘cause I want to stock up on spares for when my other family members’ ear buds get lost or broken. I’m in for three more.

Two of these seem to be new models. In general I found the JLabs are not very durable but sound pretty good, at least the J5 and J6. At these prices you can buy several and just throw them away in three months when they quit working. IDK maybe the new model is more durable. Time will tell. Anyway the J5 (which is not here) and the J6 have very good sound, and at this price you can afford to plan on replacing them when they die.

I’ve had good luck, also.
I have about 4 pairs of the J3 and LOVE them. They sound far better than anything in the 10-30 dollar range, in my opinion and I don’t spend more than that for wired buds.

I also have a set of J5 or 6 that i keep in my car and feel they have good sound also. I have none with inline mic so i can’t report there. Perhaps that is an inherant weakness?

I can’t get the ones I ordered to stay in my ear and no one else can get them to stay in their ears either.

If you put them in an don’t move your head I guess they are OK but otherwise this is a complete waste of your money.