Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Juan Valdez JVPM1W Pod Coffee Maker

pretty good set of reviews on amazon…

for all of those sacs of pods everyone got in BOCs through past months?

No PODs included!!

I have one and I love it. Good with the senseo pods - I get them atTarget and Ralphs. On sale this week!

Just received mine from the last woot-off.
I have to admit, I like it.
Seems to do a better job on the flavored coffees.
CAUTION - It won’t hold a “two-packet” (double size) pod such as some of the kind out there for cappuccino.
And, the initial priming of the pump is a bit of a guess, took several tries before it would actually draw in some water.
It is simple to use. Hit the power switch, and by the time you’re back with your pod and mug it’s ready to brew, takes just under a minute for an 8oz serving.

It is in these hills…

In for three!

That pricing is a little dissapointing because I picked it up when they had a 2 pack value deal and paid $30 for it a couple of month ago. But oh well I guess there is nothing I can do about it at this point. Overall it is a good device and does an excellent job overall just make sure that you are buying pods that are soft and can form to the holder not ones that are hard like ones that do expresso.

I recently recieved mine from the last wootoff. I agree with the last person who purchased this from the wootoff. Makes a good cup of coffee. This is my first coffee maker and I am not to experienced in the realm of coffee. but the coffee pods I got from foldgers seem to be slightly too large because it allows some overflow . (I believe the water tries defuses too slow, causing a build up and ultimately some slight leakage). Dont worry all the leakage goes to the drip tray, but it may only be a 4.5 oz serving when you were looking for a 5 oz.

This is great for a college student! No mess, and you dont have to worry about making a large pot that serves 4+. I reccomend this, plus I spent 2 more dollars than this for mine.

Cartel coffee

I got the two-pack of these and I’m rather disappointed. I have a Tassimo at home and thought I would use one of these at the office but the quality of the coffee is significantly lower. Now, I’m not a coffee snob but the coffee from this thing is barely tolerable. It’s like really bad gas station coffee.

Quick question for someone who has one: Is this the sort of thing that’s readily automatable? Specifically, I’m wondering if you control the line voltage with e.g. a 24-hour timer, and set it up at night, will it make coffee automatically when power is applied in the morning, or is some user intervention required to start it?

Not sure about this exact model, but if it is similar to my pod coffee maker, user intervention required to press the “Brew” button after power turned on.

Pod coffee makers rock over conventional Krups or Mr. Coffee style cannister brewers - I like my coffee similar to my women - hot, fast, cheap, and easy!!!

Woohoo Violent Femmes FTW!

Nope, user intervention is required because you have to actually turn it on, wait for the water to heat up and choose what cup size you want. But it only takes a minute approx. to warm up the water so its not so bad.

how many cups from one pod
how long will a pod last ie… can you use it 2 days ???

About 1 to 2 cups before the coffee pods starts to produce a weaker cup.

I have one from when woot had these on a two-for Tuesday and the Senseo coffee pods work OK. You can’t put them in flat but squeezing them in a little doesn’t cause any problems. My only problem is that when it does drip most of the water goes under the drip tray instead of in the drip try. Still very easy for a quick cup of coffee for the drive to work, or just hot water.