Jura-Capresso 10-Cup Coffee Maker

mmmm I luvs me some refurbed coffee grinds

I only buy household appliances I can talk to.

In theory, you can ‘talk’ to anything. :slight_smile:

Haven’t used it a ton yet, but I got this last time it was up here. Makes a good, HOT cup dependably. I put filtered water into it, so I don’t bother with the included carbon filter that requires replacement. Initial quality is solid. “Refurb” here does not mean 100% new, but it was in great shape.

Eh. Sorry. I don’t feel all that helpful. That’s all I know so far.

I’ve had one for a few years. It’s been reliable and consistently makes good, hot coffee. I would buy another if it broke.

I have only two gripes:

One, the power cord is fairly short. This seems to be a problem with kitchen appliances in general. I think it’s about 3 feet/1 meter.

Two, the water level indicator is on the right side of the water tank. It’s a horrible location since you have to either rotate the whole thing or stick your head in sideways between the counter and cupboard to see how much water you’ve put in it.

Never used one. I like that the carafe isn’t made of “Seld-M-Break” glass, but beyond that, it seems a bit steep for a drip coffee maker.


haha, I only buy household appliances that will Obey my verbal commands!

This is why living in England sucks…all the cool kitchen stuff takes too many watts to power up. =(

Also, Woot wont ship to you.

Mixed reviews on Amazon.


Capresso makes a ridiculously good cup of coffee. One of the only coffeemaker manufacturers where every model they sell brews coffee at the optimal temperature (most of the other companies charge $400+ for their machines). I did my research…

If you are using a glass carafe maker, you’ll notice the difference. The steel carafe keeps the coffee hot for upwards of 4 hours (and I mean hot) without burning the brew.

Seriously, if you like coffee, buy this machine. A capresso was the best appliance I ever bought, you can taste the difference on your first cup. I bought one for my parents during the last woot-off and every time I call them they rave about the coffee for at least a full minute. And they’ve been doing that for over a month now.

Do yourself a favor and buy a burr grinder (about $30) to go with it. Your coffee will be on par with the best coffee house in town. Promise.

Another department here at work uses one of these and it keps coffee hot for a VERY long time. I sometimes get a cup around lunchtime that was brewed at between 8-8:30AM and it’s still hot enough that you don’t ahve to reheat it in the microwave. I don’t know if this is the same as all thermal carafes but it sure does work well.

Ever since moving to Seattle, I’ve turned into a total coffee snob. Generally, I wouldn’t deign to drink drip coffee, but this is one of the only home-priced models that gets the water over 200F in the basket. It shoots through the grinds, quickly brewing without turning into coffee soup up in there.

The carafe keeps the coffee hot without burning it on an electric element all morning. There’s even a single cup feature to steal a cup mid-brew for those too impatient to wait for the full carafe.

I finally decide we are getting a new coffee maker, and the woot-bot is just clocking and clocking and clocking. (after I click the stupidly large button)


I hope we actually get one!!!

edit (SNIFF SNIFF) I finally got the feedback that it was DENIED :cry:

Guess that’s what I get for actually asking my husband first.