Jura Capresso Automatic Coffee Center

Not too bad of reviews at Amazon 3 1/2 stars

I would like to give this alternative which I use on occasion Espresso with Frother. It does great for $29.99 on Deals.Woot.

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Very tempted, looks like a good deal.

I had a brand new higher end Jura ($2,000) for about 18 months… Less the time it spent being repaired and time it sat broken (about 1.5 months). Does it make good coffee easily? Yes! Is it cheap to operate? No. Filters for mine were about $21 every 3 1/2 weeks. The required cleaning tablets are about $1 each. Was it reliable? No. I was sent for service 3 times and jura replaced it once. The rest of the issues i fixed with the help of customer support and included arm contortion techniques into the machine, paper clips, and paint brushes. in the end Jura said my (eventual) refurbished unit, that they sent me as a replacement for one of the repairs, was no longer under warranty as 90 days had passed and it would cost $260 to fix my unit. Again. And take 2-3 weeks. Again.

Thanks to the big name retailer where i bought it - i got a full refund when i explained the situation and my dissatisfaction.

As much as I love coffee, Jura left a bad taste in my mouth.

Thanks for the info and saving me money!

Great deal! $898.99 @ Amazon.

Link to Amazon

I bought a refurb Jura E9 in march 09, 1470 cups of coffee later I have had no issues whatsoever other than basic maintenance, i.e. changing the filter and cleaning cycles. Jura makes a great coffee maker.

I just had my 5 year old machine refurbished and it works like a champ. If you want a great cup of coffee, this machine is great and the price is fantastic as a new one runs about $1700

Sounds like a good deal, but for every few consumers that have had a good experience with a superautomatic, there seems to be another person who’s had nothing but trouble. Granted, they use supers at Starbucks/McDonalds and most other high-volume coffeehouses these days, but those are $10,000 machines that get serviced regularly.

I have no doubt this Jura pulls great shots, but even with a one-year square trade warranty, I’ll pass. I’d need a 5-year warranty to make sure it’s worth it.

For now I’ll just use my semi-auto machine and try not to make too much mess :-).

For $500 for a referb, I’d want it to wash itself.

Unfortunately, based on reviews, this would seem to need to repair itself.

Does anyone know if this pulls espresso shots, or just coffee. We have a Jura Capresso Impressa Z5 (that retails for $2400) and it will do espresso, double shot espresso, coffee and doubleshot coffee (along with steaming milk, which we dont use). The coffee is really, really great and the speed is life changing - i hate the wait for coffee to brew “normally” when we are on vacation. I’d love to have a second one for our office.

We paid $1200 when William Sonoma was dispensing of their inventory due to a dispute with Jura (something that had to do with requiring customers to send units directly to Jura for repairs, I think)

I have had this exact model for about a year. They originally retailed around $900 but I got it for around this woot price. I havent had any problems with it but its definitely not for everyone.
Noisey - it rinses itself everytime you look at it (or maybe I just got a nervous one) and the mechanics of moving the used grounds around are pretty loud.
Small water tank - you’re having to refill the tank just about every time you use it. It will give you about 2 x 8 ounce cups.
Expensive - filter, cleaning and descaling tablets are not cheap and the machine will nag you to clean it about every 3 months (its actually by number of cups brewed). I found a local dealer that carries them but most people might have to order on line.

Makes great coffee…
Convenient and flexible - I am the only coffee drinker so it is great for me to just make a cup or two before going to work. I can use all different kinds of coffee (including several woots) whole bean or ground and not be stuck with whatever comes in the pod like the single brew machines.

All in all would I buy it again? I’m not sure. Given all other’s repair problems and that retailers seem to quickly drop Jura from their lines, maybe not…

I have this very same machine, had it for about two months. This is a third Jura/Capresso machine I have, though this is the first automatic one.
If you love coffee and ability to use whole bean coffee is important to you, then get this machine. It has a really good burr grinder that is worth half of the Woot’s price alone, and the coffee it makes is amazing. You can program volume, temperature and amount of coffee used and tailor it to your own taste. Buy FrothXpress Plus frothing system on eBay and turn your Ena3 to Ena5 (FrothXpress is the only difference between the two).
The key to not have problems with super-automatics is using good water and good coffee. Either use bottled water or make sure you replace filter and decalcify as needed, machine will actually tell you. Also, it is worth mentioning that Jura’s customer service is among the best out there; they answer their calls and actually email back.
If I didn’t have one already, I would have totally jumped on this deal and bought two year extended Square Trade warranty for the peace of mind. These are great machines, and just like almost anything in this high-end category, will put a smile on your face every time you make/drink that espresso, if operated properly.

For this price you can get one of the entry level Gaggia machines and a small espresso grinder like the Lelit PL53 and make very good espresso. Those items will outperform this machine by far. They are what I started with, although my current equipment cost me about $2500.

Making good espresso takes a lot of time and practice. These super-autos are enticing to those who want to shortcut that effort, but the truth is what comes out of these is not drinkable compared to good espresso.

My recommendation to those interested:

  1. If you are interested enough to start up a new hobby look into my Gaggia recommendation and make real espresso.
  2. If you don’t want to expend any effort then stick to coffee. Put your budget into a Baratza burr grinder and fresh beans. Try a Hario pour over set. I’d drink an excellent coffee over a crap espresso any day, and the equipment is cheap.
  3. If you are not picky and still want easy espresso try a Nespresso machine. I have heard they are a decent solution if this is the preparation experience you want.

Best espresso tips:
Always use beans roasted within the last 2 weeks.
Never use pre-ground beans.
The grinder is the most important piece of any espresso set up.

Received my order. Or actually, I received a Gray Silver colored EN4 model instead of the cool black EN3 model I ordered. Did this happen to anyone else? The two models are technically the same, differing only in color. The EN4 was apparently the Costco-sold version. Shame since I was looking forward to trying the machine on this cold winter morning.

If you feel you’ve received the wrong product, drop an email to service@woot.com for assistance.

Shipping Update

Jura Capresso Automatic Coffee Center has completely shipped via FEDEX GROUND. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


great deal