Jura J5B Auto Coffee Center



Common woot… I don’t have the money for this… give me something worthwhile…


I can only buy 3? nevermind then.


Not owning this one, can’t really speak about the quality of machine it is… but… If price determines quality, my $200 machine (pump) is a life saver. I have the one-espresso-a-day (minimum) habit. If you do the cost calculations, it pays for itself in a matter of weeks/months.

I am a caffeine junkie though!


I once went through the ultra-expensive espresso machine phase. Returned them all (3).

Ended up getting an aeropress and a Hario pourover system. Total cost = ~ $60. And they make the best coffee I’ve ever had. Espresso too.


Maybe decent for an office who can expense it. Maybe. Good coffee is about quality beans, proper grinding, and proper water temp and of course technique (thanks youtube). Pour properly heated water over properly ground grinds.


(yes, espresso is a different beast, but the aeropress does great in this regard with it’s “syringe” action). Just my 2 cents as someone who has spent over $3k on fancy machines. It’s coffee and water. Not some complex science experiment that requires a high-tec thingy.

I’ve found the best tasting coffee/espresso comes from the most primitive methods, providing you spend an hour learning about how to do it right.


This is the best Jura model they have offered on Woot yet! My wife’s family got one of these when they were still $3000. They are STILL using that machine after 8 years and thousands of cups of coffee later. This machine really does make Starbucks quality drinks.


The phrase “Starbucks quality drinks” disqualifies you from assessing coffee. As previous posters said, it’s about the beans and grinding, not the machine.


it is intriguing to start my own cafe…but i like my 7-eleven quality-brew, i think i will stick with my buddy Mr. Coffee…any coffee that is still sold in a tin can starts my morning right.


WOW! I took the time to check the reviews on this machine and they are pretty much OUTSTANDING! I’m going to check finances tomorrow and if I am able (and Woot still has them!) I intend to be a proud owner. This is not an item for the Mr Coffee crowd. I don’t say that with an attitude, it’s just that espresso is a vastly different thing, made properly you need a rather complex machine versus a drip coffee maker and either you love it or you dont.


I have an Aeropress and a (much cheaper than this one) Jura/Capresso pump machine. The Aeropress was bought new, the pump machine was $16 with accessories at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I also found a La Pavoni lever espresso maker (“Europicolo”) for $40!

While the Aeropress is nice, it is not truly (as you point out) an espresso maker. It is basically a tubular manual pour drip maker, kind of like a single cup Melitta filter cone, but with the option to accelerate the process with a piston.

But the main thing is, if you are happy with the results, that’s all that counts!

For example, I bought a dreadful little Chinese machine that claimed to be an espresso maker (even came with two espresso cups) but was really a tiny drip maker with a nylon mesh filter. Guess what? It makes a great cup of strong cafe Americano!

If you really want to get something totally weird and exotic, look for a Beko fully automatic electric-eye controlled Turkish coffee maker! Actually made in Turkey, this small electronic marvel won several Cebit awards in 2008 (Cebit is a big European computer technology show.) I snagged on on eBay and it is amazing!

And, if you go for a stovetop Moka Pot (Bialetti makes real Italian ones, but there are plenty of knock-offs) try this: Remove the pot from the heat well before the final water is superheated and gushes out. This prevents the steam from releasing more acidic or waxy parts of the grind, resulting in a much better flavor!

Have fun.


So, it tastes like burned sub-par coffee served in varying strengths by a talentless white guy in Dreadlocks and Coke-can sized piercings in his earlobes?


LMAO at the comment that it pay for itself in a few weeks.
I go to Starbucks maybe 8 times a month. At that rate this machine would pay for itself in 20 months. And that is just for the cost of the machine, not to mention I’d have to buy coffee, and clean the machine, etc.
Much easier to go to Starbucks.


Maybe if I could convince 39 of my coworkers that they all really wanted this machine too…


Don’t you mean uncommon Woot?


Yes, I totally agree.

Go to your local coffee place that imports and roasts their own beans and get something fresh.

Also, I hate that picture. It is making me crave coffee and it is way to late for that.


I wish I had room for this on my counter. Oh, and $800.


Oh, if it were just $799.98. But alas, it is not and I have to pass. Guess I will just have to make due with this cup of Folgers I have in my hand and that was brewed in a machine that cost less than $35.


All I want is a coffee machine that has a thermal carafe, grinds the beans and has a 12 cup capacity. This has proven to be pretty much impossible. The search continues!


You forgot to add the aroma of patchouli wafting around his personal bubble


About a year ago I picked up a Saeco Vienna Plus from Woot. A similar machine, though I think the Jura is probably better.

Every morning I make an espresso for my wife and a number of Americanos for me.

It is great to have a cup made when you want it. Fresh. Hot. Not stale in a pot. It takes about 45 seconds for the machine to warm up, about a minute to make an Americano, and half that for a shot of espresso.

When I bought the Saeco, which was considerably less expensive than the Jura, it was a gamble. A lot of money for a “coffee maker”. Now, we would not want to be parted from it.

I hear the Jura is better, and if I’d known then what I know now, I’d have waited for Woot to offer a higher end machine like the Jura.

Good luck on your search for the 12 cup coffee thingy. I wouldn’t want one, but each cat his own rat.