Karcher 1750 PSI Pressure Washer

I have used a Karcher my family got off of QVC long ago for years!! It has held up very well.

edit: woot posting this twice – fail.

I prefer to wash my pressure the old fashioned way.

Garbage with a capital G.

Got this in my first and only BOC. Never used it.

Well Woot may have mangos and bananas on a tree too.

Love this thing. Wash my car with it in my driveway. Very nice cleaner!

We got one of these at Costco for $99 new. It works great.

Damn, Nevada must need to clean their sh*t

Whoa, there are a LOT of these

I love these. They should come in a sixpack. Use once, throw away, repeat.

For real…kind of hard to pressure wash the apartment.

Aww it’s refurbied

Bought one of these from Lowe’s a few years back…Still works great, only had to replace the wand after about 3 years.

If there is a dog or cat in your neighborhood who keeps dropping deuces on your lawn, and isn’t deterred by a regular hose, I can guarentee that a blast from this fella will make them think twice before laying land mines in your yard again.

Oh, and it can also probably get the driveway all nice and clean, too.

Thanks for the triple post. You seem awfully excited to get us to check out their official website…you a stock holder or something?

Can’t wait to see the lawsuit. “But Woot SAID I could use it as a bidet…” the victim said while interviewed in the hospital.

I picked this up last time they were for sale. It works great, but we had to use a wrench (and probably broke it) to screw in the wand-hose to the base. For someone on a budget, it is great. You get what you pay for though.

They oughta put a disclaimer on the bidet suggestion before somebody sprays off their junk and sues them.

got one for free, use it. then i go to the local car wash to finish the job. that tells you how good they are. :slight_smile: have a nice day :slight_smile:

I usually don’t like to slam products, especially when I want a woot off to continue. However, I owned one of these and after the 4th use it started to burn up… literally smoke started to come out of it. I got it replaced and the next one had a tube burst in it during the first use. Got my money back after that. Usually these cheap pressure washers are hit or miss as it is, but seems like this brand might not be very reliable. Or the batch that the local Home Depot got was a bad one.