Karcher Electric Pressure Washer

**Item: **Karcher Electric Pressure Washer
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A couple of great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at pressurewashersdirect.com

This is a residential grade machine.

Neat, I live in a residence.

If it’s machine grade then I think you should buy one.

I was just about to hit Checkout when:

I have this pressure washer and I rather like it.
The high pressure nozzle is has enough pressure to strip the bark of a tree, or get the dingy stuff off your drive way.

The other nozzle is mostly safe for washing you car or your deck.

I used this pressure water a lot to redo my deck. I tried the high pressure nozzle at first. Don’t do that! I had to do a lot of sanding to fix that mistake. The other nozzle doesn’t’ damage the wood if you keep about a minim three inches distance, and that is on bare wood. With a finish it may be 100% safe.

my only problem I have with this pressure washer is getting it started. Some times it just doesn’t want go right at first. I find I have to tinker with turning the water down until it will cooperate, it may be that my water pressure is too high.

A Karcher electric, similar to this one was my very first pressure washer and I loved it! I now own a Honda powered Karcher and I realize, as you should, that Karcher is by far the best name in pressure washers.

It’s amazing what you can do with this compact electric. I used it to clean windows, patio surface, driveway, and outdoor furniture. It makes a messy job of cleaning the gas grill almost a pleasure. At the end of the season, cleaning the lawn mower is a piece of cake and getting that caked up lawn goo off of the blade deck keeps the mower from rusting out prematurely. This is certainly an important tool if you’re a home owner.

Might be a great deal for tinkerers! I have two Karchers in various states of disrepair. Each has been used fewer than 12 times. One oscillates on/off about once every couple of seconds. The other randomly shuts down for extended periods.

Yeah, but what comes up there is the K2.27. Amazon doesn’t seem to sell the K2.21, but the K2.28 looks identical and has the same horrible reviews as the K2.27.

I have an extremely similar unit (probably just the housing is different) and I think it works great. People will say to buy a gas powered one, but this is fine for home use. I stripped my deck on a new (to me) home that had enormous buildup of moss/mold and it did an awesome job. I’ve used it about 8 hours a year for 6 years and am not disappointed. It has enough power to clean - you may just have to go slower than a more powerful unit, and this unit is cheaper than other models.

Would something like this be good to use on a fence, to make it look good again?

[quote postid=“5478336” user=“iadams” People will say to buy a gas powered one, but this is fine for home use. It has enough power to clean[/quote]

That is exactly the current debate with hubby who wants to buy a $350 gas unit. Since I will likely by using the unit more often, to spray off porch and sidewalk, will this do the job and last a few years. He says, “It’s a toy.” However, I don’t want a “beast” of a machine. Advice for the ladies?

How about using this to clean aluminum siding. Safe? And how high up do you think it would clean effectively before needing a ladder?

My advice is this: Pay ~$40 more and buy one with wheels.

As for paying a lot more for a gas powered unit: You’ll use this more. It is easier to set up than a gas unit, easier to put away, smaller and lighter to store, and doesn’t require oil changes, gas, tune-ups, and is quieter to use. You’ll have this set up and be washing while your husband is still trying to get the gas powered unit started (or before he drags it to the back yard).

IMHO this is a piece of junk. I had one and it failed on the second use (blew the hose connection right out of the unit). Unfortunately, that was about 5 days out of the warranty period so I got zilch. Expensive for a one use wonder.

Don’t do it! Hubby is right. You can get a great Generac gas powered for not much over $200 if you look around for the sales. See my other comment.

I had one of these. It was a great washer, the high intensity nozzle will strip anything off of anything. I stripped a deck, washed down my driveway, etc. Had it for three years. Then the on/off switch broke, and there were no replacement parts for it.

IMHO these are better than gas powered, easier to deal with. I think the secret is in the nozzle - I got a higher-powered gas unit to replace it, and it didn’t do as well because the wand didn’t have the oomph that the Karcher had. I ended up selling the gas unit.

Blue Clean 1600 PSI

I bought a Blue Clean last time it was on Woot to do exactly what you are talking about. Love it! Easy to setup, easy to use and store, and has little to no maintenance. I highly recommend you consider electric for the smaller day-to-day jobs around the house. Is it as powerful as a gas operated model, don’t be silly of course it’s not. But it does have enough power to make your deck and sidewalks look new again. So until you need to strip the paint off the side of a barn (I’d recommend renting a commercial grade pressure washer from U-Haul for this anyway) I’d say consider owning an electric model just for the ease of setup and use. Defiantly look for one with the floor cleaning attachment the time you’ll save is well worth the $20-30 extra bucks! gl :slight_smile: