Keenan Winery 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, 30th Anniversary - 2 Pack



Keenan Winery 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, 30th Anniversary - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, 30th Anniversary
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1st Wooter on this! in for 3


Opened a bottle a couple weeks ago. I am guilty of infanticide. I usually do not mind a young wine, but this was truly akin to popping a 2006 Corison…far too early.

I do not have specific taste notes, I just know that I have had awesome bottles from Keenan in the past but this one I disappointed myself as I should have known it was too early still.

It could be in a “dumb phase” right now. I did not attempt to aerate as I do not have the patience for such activities. I do not remember if we ran it through the Vinturi or not.

Not much help here, but it’s young and from my experience drinking Keenan Cabs, they are very good juice.


According to the winery website, this wine sells for $45 a bottle. Plus they charge $12 shipping for the two bottles.
This once again appears to be a great deal.


I thought it said KOREAN wine!! It’s too early to read straight! :stuck_out_tongue:


Parker’s site shows this wine is available for $25/bottle online at a competitor which was verified. Coupled with the 90 Parker score (adjusting for his handicap scoring) and history of poor WS scores from Keenan, i wonder if this really is a good deal? I love spring mtn cabs, but has anyone actually consumed this and sees potential (aside from hogfatt((power in #s and all that)))?


Interesting video


Your right, Wineaccess had this available a week or two ago and it sold out. I remember looking at the deal, but didn’t pull the trigger because I didn’t want to cellar it for 5-10 years before I could drink it. Here’s the link, unfortunately, I deleted the original email with the price:


More info about the Wineaccess sale, I do remember if you bought 6 bottles or more, it was around $25: August 3. 2010
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In for two. Keenans are notorious amongst my friends. I will cellar two for a long time, and drink two happily (though probably aerated into a decanter).


I have the wine access email still and my email shows the price to be 32.99/bottle when ordered by the case with a 20% off coupon code. Shipping is free for 4 or more bottles.

So the price for 6 bottles here is still cheaper, because wine access would have cost:

6 x 35.99 - 20% = $28.79/bottle or $172.75

3 x 49.99 + 7.00 = $26.16/bottle or $156.97


Fellow woot banterers… I have been drinking Keenan for sometimes. It is true their wines are very big but also have that high mountain minerality that lets theirs differ from alot of Napa Wines. In other words their wines are big but not juice bombs. It surprises me that many have not heard of them as they have been aroudn for quite some time winning alot of awards… For a special occasion try their Mernet…This is a good deal… I am an just your average wino! Later


Keenan is my absolute favorite winery, and I can’t get this wine from the winery with my trade/wine club discount for this cheap! I suggest you buy all the Keenan you can…


And when did you join and how many woot’s?


I just ordered some but the little processing widget is just spinning…I checked email and it still hasn’t gone through. Should I close out and try again or continue “processing”? argh…


I am getting same thing.
Guessing system is just toast.




Guerrilla marketing doesn’t work here, and may actually hurt your sales. If you work for the winery or their distributor, let us know and we can have a good back and forth Q & A session.


I have had this wine also, and agree, it is young and will benefit so one can truly enjoy it. Given I have enough juice ready to drink now, I am in for three. If that damn processing wheel ever stops spinning that is.