Havens 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Four - Pack

Havens 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Four - Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping – note that this will not ship until the first week of 2010

Condition: Red
2 2006 Havens Merlot, Napa Valley
2 2006 H by Havens North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

CellarTracker links above. Edited the Cab link for the correct wine (North Coast vs. Napa).

…and lolz at WD’s clue… “H[e]avens” as the clue. I forgotz to take the speling faktor intwo acownt. :smiley:

A defunct winery:
Last available page from the internet archive:

Some articles about what happened to Havens:
Wine Industry Insight
Napa Valley Register

Havens on Yelp
Havens on Facebook

Have had the Bourriquot & loved it. I’m in…

This is an unbelievable deal. Havens’s loss is our gain. This is not the Burriquot. This is not the Black’n’Blue.

This is, however,an absurd deal. These are very well-made wines, delicious and typically able to fetch in the 20-40 range.

I don’t need any wine (not by a long shot) but I went in for one anyway. It’s a can’t miss.

WD, any black and blue, syrah, or burriquot coming later in the week :slight_smile:

Looks like we will be seeing Havens for a while.
(From description):
“Now if something like that were to happen, you could probably expect to see a lot of the remaining wine being sold off. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that some wine-related-websites might sell ONLY Havens wine for the rest of the year. So if Merlot or Cabernet weren’t your thing, you could definitely check back in a couple of days for similar deals on different varietals from the same revered vineyard.”

Absolutely love Havens wine! Was so upset when I learned that they were closed for good, and I was thinking that I should have bought more when I had the opportunity . . . and along comes WineDavid with my chance! Thanks, WD, you rock!

If you ever come across the Havens Bourriquot red wine blend, pick some up–you will not be disappointed!

Hopefully in a couple of days! (See post above yours)
Had the black and blue at a CA tasting last month. It was ok.

wow… from the Discounts and Deals thread to WD’s ears!!! :tongue:

And note that the “other” site with the crazy deals cost $17 per bottle plus normal shipping…

hmmm, upon further review, those are the Bouriquot and Syrah T-block Reserve

Looks good to me!
In for one. Maybe I should have done two.

I hope for Woot and WD’s sake that everybody who orders is fully aware that these puppies cannot be shipped for two weeks. For some reason, these wines cannot be shipped until Jan. 4.

K & L Wines (a San Francisco-based wine shop with a huge web presence--www.klwines.com) is selling the '06 Cab for $9.99. According to their website:

“Havens Wine Cellars has apparently run into tough financial times - their inventory is being liquidated. When we were offered this wine at its current price, we immediately started clearing out space in our warehouse.”

Hence the great deal. I don’t think you could get 4 bottles shipped for $5, but just fyi…

Corrado, the cab you linked is napa valley but the wine here is north coast. Is ct wrong or should a new one be created? I don’t see an H north coast cab in ct.

I’m new to Havens wine; on the home page in the “about” blurb it talks about his style being Bordeaux-like with the mineral/earthy flavor profile (i.e. not a fruit-bomb) and it’s in the past tense.

Is that referring to these wines being of old-world style because in the description having references to fruits has me concerned that these are fruit-bombs.

What is the flavor profile of these wines?

In for 1, but will be out of town, so don’t pick me for rattage.

**** no labrats. ****
( long story )

Does the story involve the winery ceasing to exist? :frowning:

Shipping four bottles to my family in WA from K & L Wines via UPS Ground would cost $12.86. You’re getting a slightly better deal here at woot, and woot can actually ship this to me in TN, which K & L cannot do. I might be in for one, and the late shipping date will make my husband think that I waited a few weeks to purchase anything else from wine.woot!

Given the delayed shipping, will there be any lab ratting on these?

Oops, WD answered already.

The K&L deal is for the Napa Valley cab, to which they assigned an original price of $35.