Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

Refurbished ones sold for $95 free shipping @ Amazon but allowed cell connectivity also. These had their cellular activity disabled prior to sale due to it being an international NON-US model. Also the “Special Offers” means you’re getting the ad revenue version. There was a more expensive version that disabled Ads prior to sale.

There are better versions than this for less that have been sold by Amazon before. This is pretty much the normal “sale” price that they’ve been sold at now since 2016 by Amazon and marked as “deals” lol. In 2016 the full version, with cell service and wifi was $150 new from Amazon. So you’re basically saving $20 for a neutered version nearly 3 years later.

Woot could have and should offer a better price than this. I’ll wait for it to show up on SellOut for under $90 lol.

Paperwhite is always a good option, even direct from amazon pricing.

They go on sale often for under $100, including just a few days ago where Amazon had them for $90 new

You can also find the $90 price local at Best Buy if you want to get your hands on one locally first to make sure it’s good for your needs. It being waterproof is a huge seller for me. I may pick up one myself.

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Books are better because you can burn them to stay warm or start charcoal for a cook out
With this all you can do is delete your content which is not quite the same

But MacGyver could make a nuclear missile out of this thing. He could only make a Rube Goldberg booby trap out of a book.

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Kindles are way too pricey for what you get. The proper price point for a Paperwhite style reader should be in the $30 to $45 range. This thing apparently offers nothing of note over the first generation Paperwhite and it’s still just a reader. After my Paperwhite died I switched to my $99 Samsung tablet with no regrets.

MacGyver is a good guy so he would jailbreak it & hack the system to contact the President to prevent a launch… and then set it up as a Rube Goldberg booby trap which would save the day (with the help of an actual book)

You make 2 very good points!

Did we just write a new episode?

Does this have the ability to play Audible? I didn’t see it in the description

I paid $10 more at Amazon for functional 3G version. It was “certified refurbished”, but mine appeared identical to a new unit, plus the same warranty. Not a great deal IMO.

Unfortunately, it does not work with Audible.

Got one of these last time around. I’m happy with it. I had to call Kindle support to get it registered. Mine does NOT include special offers. YMMV