Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

Way overpriced. A legacy product like this should be $50 or less.

Kindle Voyage just delivered today, yay. BUT it gives an “Internal-error” message when trying to link to an existing Amazon account. (I’ve just emailed Woot support.)

To save everyone some googling, etc… I already located and downloaded the recommended software update, which was supposed to resolve the issue (as reported in online forums for other kindle devices with the same issue.) This did NOT resolve the problem. (I updated to v5.10.2, the current software on Amazon.) You cannot do an over-the-air update on an unregistered Kindle.

Resolving this may require contacting Amazon support directly to ask them to add the Kindle to account manually… I haven’t yet tried this; will have to wait 'til I have more time.

EDIT/UPDATE: If you have this issue with your Kindle Voyage, you’ll need to contact Amazon Support via phone or chat, ask for Kindle device support, and ask them to register the device to your account manually. You’ll need the Serial number from the settings on the Kindle, or also available on the box, listed as DSN. (This worked for me, thankfully.)