King of the Grill

I love Burger King!

this should be available as an apron

I imagine this would be an even bigger hit at . Or, order a size or two larger and make one yourself!

His should totally be Jack of All Trades!

I love the dueling gas-charcoal motif. The flames on the crown are also a great touch.

Would that be Old King Coal?

I do like this but would be more intrigued if it didn’t advocate propane as true grilling. Propane grills are just outdoor ovens.

I like it but the charcoal looks too much like a clam and too little like charcoal…

And we can’t go around supporting clams. You know what happened the last time.

However on a apron this would be a no brainer buy for me… :frowning:


Actually, both grills are represented.

A white shirt … which means it’s going to last about all of 3 minutes standing in front of a grill before it becomes not-so-white anymore.

As a tailgater this is a must have. In for two just because I know one will get grill grease on it at some point…

Waiting for the queen version of this shirt…

[said in my best Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones voice] WHITE T-Shirts! Why’d it have to be white t-shirts! I hate white t-shirts! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but charcoal rules. (Sorry Hank Hill!)

Now, if they had real, lump charcoal, instead of the processed stuff…

(This was meant to follow TT’s post.)


I have a HUGE problem with this shirt.

I would think that this shirt is geared toward men who like to grill. Which is great… except it is on a WHITE shirt… yes… WHITE…

So the first time it is worn it will get ketchup on it, the second time, mustard and by the time it is worn the third time BBQ sauce and then any time that guy wears it after that… the multi colored stains will make every girl in his life cringe… Why OH WHY couldn’t it have been put on a black shirt, or a red shirt for that matter??

Ladies get out the bleach, we’re going to need it.

Aww now I see how the King can be everywhere, he’s two evil twins watching your every step.