KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 10 Colors

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 10 Colors
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Great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

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Let’s compare the KitchenAid Classic to the KitchenAid Artisen [youtube=eN1mDHcIsKg][/youtube]

Too bad! After eyeing these for years my wife two weeks ago got the KSM85 model (slightly smaller, pouring shield sold separately) for a few bucks less. However the dough hook and beater for ours are metal – the ones being sold tonight look like they’re plastic. So far it appears to be a good product – certainly feels solidly built, and it works as advertised.

When I went mixer shopping earlier this year I compared and contrasted a TON of mixers, and for the price found the Bosch Compact, a 400 watt mixer available from Amazon for $199.99, to be superior to most of the KitchenAid line.

I’ve been using mine 2-3 times a week since then, it can handle enough dough for four loaves of bread just fine (12 cups of flour, six of liquid) (it would need a bigger bowl to do more than that, but the motor wouldn’t have an issue)

Not a bad price at all. You can save close to $35 total (after Woot tax/shipping) buying a refurb though…

KitchenAid Artisan 5qt Stand Mixer (refurb) only $229.99 + free shipping

They’re not plastic, they’re enamel coated steel. I have the green model of this mixer and it’s great!!

I didn’t fully understand how amazing it was until I needed to grab something for a recipe while I was using it. The best part of a stand mixer is that it keeps mixing even if you have to step away briefly.

The optional attachments are great too. Make your own burgers with the grinder!!

I’ve had this mixer for more than 5 years. And make lots of homemade bread – thick dough. This machine is tops. I couldn’t be more pleased w/ it. My mother had one for more than 30 years but unfortunately when she passed I didn’t get it. Another sibling did. Anyway, don’t hesitate to purchase this KitchenAid mixer. I give it 5 stars! :slight_smile:

The paddle and dough hook are not plastic, they are coated metal. There is no way a plastic hook or paddle would be able to handle the stiff doughs

I have had my mixer since 1974, works today as well as it did back then and had had hard use. I would recommend it to anyone. Only thing I would change is the avocado green so popular way back. Choose your color wisely, it will be around for a LONG time.

Bought one of these in empire red the last time they were offered. Been on a pastry and pizza-making kick ever since. Great buy!

You are fortunate to have an older model. They were made by Hobart and seem to last forever. Kitchenaid mixers changed about 20 years ago and while still good mixers, longevity is nothing close.

I have had mine for 25 years. Gave my daughter one of these for Christmas. Have all the attachments and have used meat grinder after butchering a deer, used the sausage attachment for the same deer. Have used it to make pasta. Still works today. Have one at the cabin also. Best investment you can make.

This is a fair deal for a new Artisan mixer. If you are searching for one with a little more power, however, the Kitchenaid store on eBay has either the 5-qt Professional Heavy Duty or the Professional 5 Plus (with the 450 watt motor) bowl lift models refurbished for $229 each with free shipping. Yes, they are refurbs, but every one we’ve purchased from them in the past has been in new condition.

KitchenAid eBay Store:

Here is something else to consider that so many people miss when they make a choice of stand mixers: If you will be keeping your mixer out on the counter top, measure the total height available from your counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets. Tilt-head mixers are generally shorter than the bowl-lift mixers when closed, but taller when the head is back in the open position.

Therefore, if your new tilt-head fits snugly under the upper cabinets, you will still have to move it out to open it up and use it. However, if you have a bowl-lift model that fits snugly under the cabinets, you can keep it where it is to use because it won’t get any taller. Just keep that in the back of your mind.

In addition, I can also highly recommend getting a replacement mixing blade that has the silicon windshield wiper style edges. It is worth the few dollars because you won’t have to stop and scrape the bowl sides - the blades do it for you. We use the Beater Blade, but there are others out there as well.

Just my two cents worth!

So a few months ago this was up and for a smaller pricetag. My roommate got it for me as a surprise for my birthday as I was at work and unable to try for one myself, when I got off work they were all sold out :frowning: I have been using it as much as possible since… both because it’s something I wanted for years and I figure the best way to thank him is to use it to cook for him, LOL! FABULOUS tool! I have the cobalt and it almost looks purple in our kitchen lighting. SO AWESOME, blends stuff quicker than my old stand mixer with the standard two beaters, also looks really nice on the counter! Love that you can put the enamel coated hook and paddle in the dishwasher. The only piece I haven’t used yet is the dough hook, used it to make gf pancakes this morning! WOOT!

I have one of these, I also have the acc, meat grinder, works awesome.

I took this advice last time and was lucky enough to get the 20% off sale, too, so I got a 5-quart bowl-lift model for $180. Spent the extra few bucks on a spiffy cover for it, also at the Kitchenaid eBay store. The box was marked “refurbished” or one would never be able to tell; not a smudge on the mixer or the attachments. I love using it, waited WAY too long to get myself a Kitchenaid! If you’ve wanted one for awhile, too, give in, you won’t be sorry :slight_smile:

If it does not include the 5 qt bowl which is $50 then BB&B is cheaper. Thoughts? Does not say if it includes the bowl.

The bowl is included.