Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
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Time to check out the product page

Amazon page w/ reviews (4.6 out of 5)


From some Amazon reviews, it appears this was available as a Black Friday item for $399.

And to point out the obvious: no Bluetooth.

“Horn-loaded tweeters open up a more dynamic range of sound, allowing you to experience every high and low in incredible detail.”

Umm… tweeters on reproduce highs, they have nothing to do with lows.

I purchased this a while back for more money (this model or very similar).

If I had to do it again, I would purchase something else.


No bluetooth capability is pretty ridiculous at this price point.

Also, for my particular needs …this seems to be overkill.

My TV, while very good is, is not huge. This sound bar is longer than my TV. The sound, while very good…is similar to my ears to another much cheaper sound bar I hooked up to compare after the fact. Disclosure- I am not an “audiophile” or a big time audio buff or gamer.

So there.

Much happier with my VIZIO sound bar and wireless sub for half as much and with bluetooth.

I’ve had this soundbar for just over one year and have not regretted the purchase for one minute. Awesome sound and very low distortion at high volume. Now my daughter can blast high volumes and not blow out my speaker! Love it.

I would not bulk at someone buying this for me… I mean… My wife is pregnant, so it would be a cool gift…

Although your statement about the frequency of sound reproduced by tweeters is correct, it has no relevance to the product information you quoted. Here’s why…

As we read in the beginning of the sentence, they are talking about dynamics, not frequency. That means they when they say HIGH and LOW, they are talking about volume.

Their statement is that the horns give you great detail whether the sound is loud or soft.

I bought one of these for my super-flat TV which has crappy sound. I wall-mounted it under my Samsung, attached the power and fiber cable, and have never touched it since.

It goes to power-saving mode and powers on with the first input. Then it reads the volume control and mute toggle from the regular TV remote. It’s seamless and sounds great.

The only complaint I have is after months the subwoofer sounds like a monster when it awakes from sleepy-time. Which was very very odd until I figured out what it was.

I’ve seen this come up a few times. I don’t need bluetooth as I would be hooking it to the TV in my bedroom which is powered by my ROG laptop. This would just be an upgrade for my current LG soundbar. I just can’t seem to pull the trigger.

Can you adjust the base on this? That’s the one thing I’ve hated about every soundbar w/subwoofer…

Any info would be great…thanks

I bought similar or same more than a year ago. I love it except for one minor volume issue… at one volume level it seems a bit low, but when I bump it up just one click on the remote, it seems a bit loud. This is only for dramas or chick-flicks I watch with my wife. When I’m watching movies and MMA, it is great.
As to adjusting bass, the sub has a volume control. That goes up on guy-movies and down on chick-flicks. I’d buy it again and do recommend it.
At times I have wished that it had bluetooth, but it works great when I Chromecast so that gets around the bluetooth issue. Buy it and enjoy!!

I agree with Josh. On my Samsung flat screen and SuddenLink DVR, it all just works. It seems everything works with Samsung. Super easy setup.

Does this provide real good Surround Sound?

Ordered this back on Jan. 13, I would just like to get my stuff. Contacted Woot 3 times, still don’t know when I will get this. Totally disgusted!!!

I’ll check in with CS on your order, I’m not sure why the tracking isn’t showing any movement.