Kwikset Smart Lock Conversion Kit, Key Edition

Kwikset Smart Lock Conversion Kit, Key Edition

Does this require the Amazon Key app to setup or can I just use it through SmartThings using Zwave?

Hi there. I don’t know a lot about it but I see people asking this question on Amazon’s Q&A.

From the reviews this isn’t a Zwave but a Zigbee. There are also mixed reviews that this can be used with other Zigbee hubs. Some people said it works others say it doesn’t work and you have to have the Cloud Cam, That isn’t available to buy anymore BTW.

What Kwikset locks work with this product? I have 2 older versions. They don’t have any identifying numbers to tell me what model they are. Once I figure that out I would love to make this purchase…or am I better off buying entire new smart locks?

Hi, I wasn’t able to find out a ton of info about specific models- but here’s answer I found on one of the original Amazon reviews about what deadbolts it’s compatible with: “It comes with several “adapters” to make it work with pretty much any modern deadbolt.”

Here’s the original listing if you want to read more:

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I use it without the Cloud Cam. However, I swapped the internal Zigbee card with a ZWave card so it would work with my Ring alarm system. The internal board is identical to regular Kwikset Smartlock kits so the Zig/ZWave cards are compatible.

Mine has an issue where it loses connection regularly and I have to go unlock/lock manually to get it to work again…not sure if that’s the used ZWave card I bought or this kit.

Personally, I don’t like how it comes apart to change the batteries compared to the regular kwikset smartlock sets, which I have on my other doors. The whole panel comes off instead of just the top half for battery access.

These aren’t dealbreakers for me since the door I use it on is rarely used.


See the pictures below for the lock shafts supported.
I didn’t need the amazon key app, just added from my alexa app. It potentially is using the hub in my echo show.