Labtec Wireless Multimedia Optical Desktop


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overstock refurb for 23.99


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Ooh, batteries included.

It’s no MS Wireless Desktop Pro, though.


Woot :!: price: $18.99

Not a bad price. Cheapest on Froggle is $27.85.

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Labtec 967360-0403 Wireless Desktop
Wireless freedom, Multimedia controls and Optical accuracy
$18.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

The Labtec Wireless Desktop Optical combines a three-button Optical wheel mouse with a Multimedia keyboard to give you a superior level of desktop freedom to work anywhere, on almost any surface. The radio frequency technology does not require a line of sight and works up to three feet away from the computer. Just plug the small receiver into the PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports of your PC or notebook and start enjoying the cordless freedom of the Labtec Wireless Desktop Optical.


· Wireless keyboard and mouse for unprecedented freedom
· Optical mouse provides maintenance-free performance on almost any surface
· Works up to three feet away from the computer
· Convenient multimedia control
· Long battery life - Up to 6 months
· New, retail box
· Part number 967360-0403


· PS/2 mouse and keyboard connection
· Works with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP
· CD-ROM drive to install software

Package Contents:

· Labtec Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
· Labtec Wireless Optical Wheel Mouse
· Labtec Wireless Receiver
· Software CD
· Getting Started Guide
· Batteries for Keyboard and Mouse

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If it were a logitech or microsoft, yeah. But labtec? Eh…