Last Post: My final post

Congrats Rain on the lp…

The time has come for me to go the way many have gone before me…

Adios my friends, it’s been real


PS: Please don’t pm me here, I will no longer be checking. Thanks.

PPS: If you need me, you know how to find me. If yo haven’t figured it out since I basically left, I guess you don’t need to know.

mod note…there is nothing wrong with this post. He begged for probation.
I caved in.
No, don’t ask, I won’t give anyone else probation for no reason!


Twit Last Post

Bye pbl… I hardly knew ye.

Last Post.

pbl, I will always recall with fondness the joys of dual last post threads. Blessings to you and Admiral for your contribution to this type of decadence and showing of things. For the time being, I promise to do my best to last post in the professional manner and methods which you have passed down. You may be gone, but your contributions to woot forums will not swiftly be forgotten.

My metaphorical hat is off to you.

last post.

Well spoken, K. Let’ do pbl proud…

Last Post.

I can put together a few words when the time calls for it, thanks.

last post.

And a few puckers too. Sorry your leaping lips got rejectorated. I am now obsessed with collecting icons on shirtderbystats. I got top10 twice, and commentator once. Now I need to get the others (remover, etc).

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Thanks so much! It’s been fun. Thanks for the tour, you were right, it’s not so scary down here.

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PS Maybe someday I’ll come find that other place, but by the time I do you probably will have moved on. We’ll miss ya.

Wish I knew him more… was a nice person.

-Last Post.

I didn’t know him real well. Started chatting when he was leaving. He used to photochop, so when I came down into the woot underworld (the ebw) I asked for a tour and he obliged. Still he did love his time with the puppy.

time with the puppy?


Probation dog

He was/is. A great man indeed, he is and will be sorely missed.

Bye pbl! Hope you and your family are doing well!


Oh… :slight_smile:

What about if I give you the dog every once in awhile?

that would only arouse his appetite for rebellion!

viva la revolution!


I know where he is living on the internet…although he isn’t on as often as far as I can tell.
If you need to know PM me.

Darth, I really, really like your shirt design. If printed, will buy for all my nephews.

Thank you rain! hope you have been well, sorry, busy week, month, year, hell decade!



Vive la grenouille!

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