Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny PC

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny PC
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I have this same model with a slightly different CPU (4570T) from a Woot a couple years ago. It’s pretty much exactly as you’d expect, a decently-powerful SFF desktop PC with limited expansion; you can replace the 2.5" SSD with anything else and upgrade to 2x 8 GB DIMMs of RAM, but that’s about it. Having only 2 USB3 ports is also kind of limiting, especially as they’re both in the front (I guess for more frequent use of removable storage, although it’d totally make sense to have one in the back so you could leave something plugged in all the time without sticking out the front constantly) but you could certainly make a hub work.

There’s a nice set of accessories/mounts/brackets for this line of SFFs, too.

Edit: The WiFi on mine is 802.11n, 2.4 GHz only, and I think it’s onboard, i.e. I’m not sure if it’s mSATA and whether or not there’s a slot to add your own. Mine also didn’t come with an antenna but I bought one online cheaply and it works perfectly.

This would make a very nice server for Plex, with an external HDD for media storage and probably an SSD upgrade as well since the PMS installation can be fairly large, at least if you’ve got a large collection of media.

I got a Lenovo M92P (i5 3470T, 4GB, 320GB HDD) here a while back for $199, which came with a 320GB HDD. I put in a SSD, and usb wifi dongle. I use it in an arcade cabinet. These are great for that.

It’s not a real computer unless it’s bigger than a breadbox…call me old fashioned…if you like…

I found a used little box smaller than one that holds 3x5 cards for $30 that was set up for Ubuntu. Uses a 5v power supply. Some school must have dumped them.

If you don’t need expansion and are not a gamer, these tiny things are quite remarkable.

Although I do miss my Zenith with DOS and the “paperwhite” tube monitor. I think it ran GEOS over DOS.

I have 3 of those - they nicely came with Windows 10, and for MS Office use (my primary function), they are great. Had to hunt around for the VESA mount bracket, but at the time I was able to get them from Lenovo for $8 each. Did the same as you - tossed in a $50 SSD and those are running well.

Not sure I could justify $120 more to get the SSD, wireless and an extra 4G RAM, but it’s not a rip-off by any means. I also don’t have $320 lying around doing nothing.

If anyone knows where I can find a cheap, (mini? micro?) Win PC w/HDMI + wifi, capable of running Roblox w/o lag, I would be ETERNALLY grateful. A war is brewing over access to the PC, and I’m in DESPERATE need of peace. FF/size doesn’t matter. Thx!

One would think it would come with a wifi antenna, with advertising wifi and all, but alas, no wifi antenna, but a sma antenna port on the back. Maybe I got a fluke.

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