Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 Tiny Desktops

Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 Tiny Desktops

Pretty ancient processors when it comes to Windows 11. And not to mention the DDR3 RAM

Yeah, but they still work fine (with Windows 10.) I use a couple as Plex servers (with external storage) and they’re great for that. They’d also be perfectly fine for productivity work, as guest room PCs, etc.


My golf game improved when I bought one years ago.


Loud loud loud!! I have one of these. It was an upgrade from a Lenovo desktop. It performs well enough, but if you’re doing anything that might ramp up the CPU, it sounds like a freaking hair dryer.

Is there better for the price?

For this price you’re buying a mini PC good for light duty work and internet browsing. The SSD drive helps with boot up/down times and 16GB of RAM should be enough for an integrated GPU

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While I haven’t done any comparison shopping over other off-lease and refurbished computers, I can note a few things:

  1. If you plan on doing upgrades yourself, then skip micro form factor computers. In a 1L chassis, there are no internal expansion slots. Storage and RAM is user replaceable, however.

  2. Note that these use the energy efficient T-version CPUs. They’re still fine, but don’t expect cutting edge performance. A current Pentium Gold 6500T > i5-4570T ; a current i3-10100T > i7-4765T.

  1. Lenovo notes that these are offered with TPM, which is one of the (current) requirements for Windows 11.


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Would I be able to hook up and use a UHD blu-ray player on this? Also how does it compare to say a Nvidia Shield TV?

Put Linux on it you won’t get overbloated junk like Windows.

I’m (also) very happily using one for a Plex server (atop Ubuntu Server); it’s mounted behind a TV (where our router is) and is quiet as a mouse. The i5s can be had pretty cheaply on eBay, usually with HDDs; the i7s are harder to find. It looks like the refurbisher threw in a USB Wi-fi adapter (“dongle”), but many of the used ones have PCIe mini-Wi-fi cards installed and an internal/external antenna, saving you a USB port.

Sorry but before some hope otherwise, such barest of bones micro PCs are unlikely to support Windows 11.

Why? This has TPM 1.2 as a security layer and is never getting TPM 2.0 needed. Has not the speed of CPU nor GPU to support Windows 11. Basically most PCs older than 4 years old will not support Windows 11 per technical websites and Microsoft specifications.

Windows 10 will be serviceable for a few more years but prepare to spend much more if you want Win 11 and Android apps to run on one device and be happy with performance. Manufacturers are happy.

You could definitely plug in a USB BR drive, just as you could on any PC.

I’m not sure how you want to compare this to the Shield TV, however. This is a SFF general-purpose PC running Windows (or any compatible OS you install after the fact) whereas the Shield is an Android TV device, primarily intended as a media center-type device, which can also work as a decent Plex server, by the way.

So many say to use Linux and yet it’s the least used OS even behind iOS users.